February, 2014

Sick as hell and tonights it’s on!

Status: Sick

I’m so glad that I decided to try to go team this year and not as an individual.

Miss Regionals a third time… Cos of a flu would have been so fucking ironic :)

5 days in bed now and 14.1 have to be done on Monday (4 days from now)

Maybe there’s a chance?

At least I don’t have to risk my health now but it would be fun to get a decent score in the open.. But not over health.

Godzilla doesn’t have to prove anything! Godzilla rules!! Ok!?


The pursuit for cardio

Status: OK

I don’t know what I’m doing anymore..

13.1 fail

Did 40 burpees and 30 snatch..

Second try 24 burpees..

Wod 2

Old regionals event

100 pu
100 kb swing
100 DU
100 ohs

Time 20:27….

(100 Pu 3:54 PR)


Amrap wallballs

100 PR

“Karen” 5:22

Rest 10min

For max calories in 10min

Row with 5 kb thrusters OTM


Session 2 better then 1 at least :)


Pretty strong but where is my conditioning 1 week before the fucking open???

Status: Rest day yesterday so I should be ready to hit it today.

Did Bella’s metcon as warm up…

5 min Amrap
10 wb
10 burpees

Fran throat and kinda redline on the wallballs at round 5 :)

Conditioning 1

Burgeron beep test

Score 3 rounds…

I can’t do metcons at the moment.

Is it mental or have I lost it?

Strength work

Power clean + squat clean

Up to 140kg

Kept on with PC

147,5kg PR

Conditioning 2

10 rounds for time of

3 MU
30 DU


Messed up the DU the last 2 rounds but a better score then 3 rounds on the beep test :)


Less then 2 weeks

Status: Pain in thumb, lats, shoulder and knee :)

Didn’t bring my oly shoes today so I would stay away from the barbell…

That didn’t go so well.

Went bananas yesterday on fruit salad and whipped cream.

@ Tegen with Timmy and Andreas

Power snatch ladder every 60 sec

70,75,80,85,90,95,102,107,112kg PR

Tried to fix my landing and backed down.

102,107,114,5kg PR

Conditioning 1

Death by C&J @61kg

11 minutes. Didn’t wanna start minut 12 at all.

Conditioning 2

Amrap 10min

15 wb
30 DU

9 rounds + 15 wb

Surprised that I could jump ok.


Team tegen visits Solid!

Status: ok but tired

Team practice with a lot of MU

Amrap ring 13

Amrap bar 15 PR!

And we also did the burpee MU event from regionals 2013… So retarded with the rings at a fixed hight at 209 cm :)

Ate and slept for 30 mins

For time

150 wb
90 DU

(5:35) wb and total time 7:14

Rest 20min

OTM x 5

3 ps @60kg + 8 target burpees


Fuck valentines day! 123kg Snatch

Status: unclear

Have taken 2 days of and slept 20 hours yesterday.

Either I’m overtrained as hell or I’m fighting some virus..

Started out with some mobility and got bored.

Snatch 1RM

121kg PR

123kg PR

Did solids 18:00 class for conditioning

2 squat clean @ 100kg every 30sec for 4 minutes

15 min amrap

5 c&j 60kg
10 wb
15 sec L-hang

10 rounds + 5 + 10 + 3

Think I’m more overtrained then sick.



Status: I’m a wreck :)

Me and Timmy did a complex today.

110kg went fine missed the last push jerk on 120kg..

Those FS really drain your legs :)


Im a crying little blog girl but I snatch 120kg

Status: lower back pain

Saw Tegen’s team kiropractor this morning.

Did some snatching with the Malmö crew.

Both me and Emelie hit a PR

Me 120kg and Emelie 80kg.

Conditioning 13.1

Did 4 burpees after the 60kg snatches and quit…

Took a 3 minut break and got so fucking pissed at my self.

Went back and finished of the workout at least.

21 snatches at 75kg.. I think that’s 1 snatch better then I did last year?

Fuck this shit ill do it again next week.

Max send me this picture


PR in OHS and Back Jerk!

Status: Good!

Felt stiff and slow but I woke up when I hit the 135kg jerk straight up in the chin..

Watch the head in the complex :)

Sc + pj + bj + ohs 40-135kg

Kept on with OHS


And finished of with a Back Jerk @ 160kg PR

Now I wait for the Malmö crew for a weekend of metcons :)