April, 2014

If Event 4 is a Good test of fitness i fuck suck!

Status: OK. Left knee and shoulder naaah…

A little testing of the Regionals Events

2 rounds of Nasty girls

First round 3min
Second round 3:45

Total time 6:45

Left leg does not like pistols..

30min rest

Event 4… Hspu,FS and burpees

Did the 21 round and a few singles in the hspu on the 15 round!

Hahahabanahahaha I think I suck more on this event then running up a fucking hill!

Not a good event for 100kgs guys :)

I think my own opinion about how to test fitness is going further apart from HQ view every year that goes by.


Hang snatch 120kg

Status: ok

Team practise @ Concor!

Thx for having us!

Warm up hang snatch


3 try’s

Was thinking 110,117,125…

Dunno what happend but missed 110 twice! And raised to 115 and nailed it on the last try :)

Did a handstand walk and put on 120 and nailed that as well

Team wod

Did third run on the 2013 final event

3 rounds of

2 rope climbs
4 squat cleans @102kg

Time 3:30

Sucked without gloves when I had to climb down as well.


Some Events released :)

Status: Slept alot and body feels good!

Today Team Tegen will visit Concor Crossfit.

We gonna do 2013 final event with rope climbs and squat clean!

So Hang squat snatch?

Haven’t done it for a long time but 2 weeks should be enough time get my shit together.

I usually do more from hang so I’m looking forward to it :)

115,120,125 on regionals would be nice !
Cool video from Boxpeak!


Happy with a 4th place!

Status: ok but tired!

MK open day 2

First a big thanks to MK for letting me come up and participate this weekend!

Awesome competition!!

Event 5 (semi final)

1st place!

Event 6 (final)

2nd place!

Beaten by Crossgym teammate Viktor långsved a worthy winner this weekend!

Congrats to all podium finisher in all classes!

After alot of struggling during and after the open I’ve got my motivation back and feel psyched about going to Regionals with my Team Tegen!

Thx to Myran and Elin for taking care of me this weekend and my sponsors Great sports and Crossgym!

And thx Boxpeak for being awesome!


MK open Day 1

Status: Tierd!

Ok, short recap of the day.

Event 1 “the killer hill”

960m fuckin run and walk!

Place 63 (probably the worst event ever in my Crossfit history) :)

Event 2 “Fran”

Place 1 with a 2:20 time.

Bar was to far away from the rig for a PR. But happy with the performance

Event 3

Max Ground to over head in 4mins

Needed 140kg to take the lead, put 140 on the bar and got it up :)

Gave me a few minutes rest against the chimps who were everywhere!

Place 1

Event 4 (1 minut after event 3)

AMRAP 5 min (AMRAP 4 minutes of fucking burpees!)
30 bar facing burpees
15 OHS
5 mu

Score 26 burpees on round 2

Place 6

The day ended up as I planed with no injury so I’m happy :)


Last session before MK open

Status: felt sick yesterday but a lot of sleep and vitamin C and I feel better today!

At Tegen

Conditioning 1

500m row + 400m run x 5

Conditioning 2

For time

100 pu
100 wb

Time 7:44

Pull-ups done in 3:22 PR ( 10 x 10)

And a super redline in the wallballs :)


4 sessions in 1 day

Status: Ok i think but tierd… Gonna buy some allergy medicine tomorrow and se if it helps against heavy breathing or maybe it’s just anxiety about MK open? :)

Session 1 with the team

Snatch ladder up to 112,5kg Andreas PR:d on the same weight


20 cal row
30 burpees
30 dubble DB gtoh
30 ttb
30 oh lunge

Session 2 with Natalia

2 runs/walks up “Hammarbybacken”


Session 3

Find heavy C&J


Session 4

For time

30 bar facing burpees
15 ohs 55kg
5 MU

Time 2:46

Now massage and later hamburger!


Events for MK open released!

Status: Thank god it’s rest day.

Overall a thumbs up for the event in MK open this year!

I’m way to tired to bitch about some small things :)

You can see the events here


Took my bike for a little ride in the sun today and now I’m gonna rest like a boss for the rest of the day.


Running with the fast guys!

Status: Ok

Last night we did a cool team wod with the team.

3 rounds of

3/1 bar MU
7/7 squatclean 70/55kg
7/7 ttb
400m run

Me and Omre only 3 seconds after the “running coach” and the “boxer” :)

Today running with the Games contenders.

6 x 400m rest 1:2

Numi Lukas 1:08-1:13


Not so fucking bad at all for being me :)


Heavy cleans but cant even finish a metcon

Status: OK

Inspirerad by the master qualifier I wanted to go heavy on Clean.

1RM Clean

C&j up to 140kg and a squat clean on 150 which is PR post knee sergery.

Tried 153 (close) and 156 (need to squat more)

About not going to fail apparently didn’t apply today.

Tried Regionals event 4 2012…

Had so much acid in my body after the first round I had to take a 3 minute break… Did the second round and called it a day.

Fuck I’m out of phase so close to competition :)