May, 2014

Support Godzila to Games! Buy your T-shirt now! :)

Status: Ok!

Here is how you do!

I’ve chosen a high quality t-shirt because Godzilla HATE when T-shirts doesn’t fit well.

1. Shoot me an email to with your size, name and address

Women S,M,L

Men S,M,L,XL

2. Put in 250 sek + 50sek for shipping if you live in sweden to bank account 6451-821145118 Handelsbanken and write your name!

If you live in Sthlm you can buy and pick it up at Crossfit Solid and save the shipping!

If you live in Borlänge Joanna can bring it to the box there!

If you live outside Sweden msg me and I’ll look up the shipping cost :)

Godzilla is very happy and thankful for the support! :)


Running everyday is the new black

Status: Same

Started with some 800m x 4 rest 1:1 with Lukas

I’ve decided not place 63 in a running event ever again :)


170×3 185×3 190×2



5 rounds

20 cal row
12 ring rows

Feels like the shoulder getting better slowly


Team training in the sun!

Status: shoulder fucked and a tear in right hand :)

Hooked up with fellow team mate and Crossgym athlete Helena Falk for a team wod for injured crossfiters!

2k jog for warmup

Amrap 20min RPE 7

400m run
10 log squats
1 round sled push (together with our functional arm) was kinda hard to maneuver it :)
200 jog with log on shoulder
10 hanging leg raises

Got treatment for shoulder by Tegen’s kiropractor Henke!! Thanks a lot!

Starting to get used to this running shit :)


Back to training!

Status: still problem with left shoulder but slept a lot yesterday.

Trained with Lukas today @Solid

Aerobic power intervals 90/90sec

5 ps 75kg
5 bar MU
Ammap row


Rest 3min

7 STOH 85kg
Amrap “idioten” run


Rest 3min

OTM 20m farmers walk for 10min

Was saying at lunch that I never rip my hands… Irony :)


Finished of with a 5k row @ 1:53 tempo


Deload week?

Status: Bad shoulder..

Haven’t done much training this week.

Shoulders went from not so good to bad after the ring dips on Tuesday..

3 jog and 2 row sessions this week at least.

No candy, buns and soda until Games now!

Cardio is the Key now.


Still hungover :)

Status: I’m allergic to alcohol…

Did a 20 min 3k jog that felt heavier then Regionals yesterday.

@ Tegen with part of the team

Thruster behind neck + ohs 5 reps up to 75kg

Body said no more lifting :)

Metcon 1

3 rounds

500m row
10 back squats @75kg

Called it a day but got pissed off and did 1 more metcon

Metcon 2

50 cal row
50 BJ over
50 dl @85kg
50 wb
25 ring dips

Time 10:48

On Monday ill be back in shape :)


Photo: Mikael Svärdh

Grand slam for “Prove your fitness”!

Status: More then OK

So happy for Lukas and Björk!

They deserve it so much! :)

Consistent performance from Björk in all Events!

And what a fucking epic comeback from Lukas after the fell in the handstand walk!!

Congrats to måndagsklubben also!!

Team Tegen second place in Europe!

That ain’t so bad at all :)


Regionals day 2!

Status: OK

Lukas 3rd!

Björk 4th!

Fryklund 1st!

Måndagsklubben 2nd

Tegen 3rd!

This year we might see alot of swedes in the Games!

Tegen likes the 2 last events and we have it all in our own hands now :)



Regionals day 1

Status: Ok

Third in the MU event (split mine in 13-2) good enough

6th in the handstand walk

Fell on the finish mat so I guess I walked 35,5 out of possible 36 meter.

Happy with that.

We were a bit unlucky in the Snatch event that we supposed to win easy..

2 no reps on depth or stop in the squat snatch event and we only got 5/6 scores…

Place 14.

I did 102 and 111kg in my 2 attempts.

I had to let my ego go and hit 2 safe lifts.

Probably couldn’t go near my PR anyway cos of my anke.

So a overall 4th place and were still in the game at least!

Lukas showed that’s he’s the best in Europe atm with a Solid win in the “Nasty Girls”

A fall in the handstand walk put him in not the best position overall but I’m sure with his capacity he will be top 3 when the dust have settled on Sunday!

“Lilla divan” is currently 4th after solid performance!

Retardness of the day goes to the rule that you have to stand and extend your hip on the finishing mat!!

What a fucking mess that was :)

The head judge got a good workout from running around lifting people up!

1 attempt HS walk feels like a fucking fluke event considering both the top male and female of Europe is not going to Carson atm…

Viktor långsved second place today! Team Crossgym looking strong ;)


Last team practice before Regionals!

Status: No problems besides the ankle.

At Tegen

Snatch Event.

First lift 107kgs

Second lift 115kg fail…

15kg less then last weekend up in Falun but hopefully my ankle will get better!

HSPU event 3:05 with a fail in the Hspu can’t push it much more cos of the small HSPU box.

Feel so out of shape and tired but 3 days with rest a lot of food and some massage and ill be my best at Regionals :)