Support Godzila to Games! Buy your T-shirt now! :)

Status: Ok!

Here is how you do!

I’ve chosen a high quality t-shirt because Godzilla HATE when T-shirts doesn’t fit well.

1. Shoot me an email to with your size, name and address

Women S,M,L

Men S,M,L,XL

2. Put in 250 sek + 50sek for shipping if you live in sweden to bank account 6451-821145118 Handelsbanken and write your name!

If you live in Sthlm you can buy and pick it up at Crossfit Solid and save the shipping!

If you live in Borlänge Joanna can bring it to the box there!

If you live outside Sweden msg me and I’ll look up the shipping cost :)

Godzilla is very happy and thankful for the support! :)


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