June, 2014

Think i have a training streak

Status: Ok except shoulder.

The question is not if the training is going good or bad?

It’s if I’m training at all now? :)

With Amanda

Metcon 1

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 of

Cal row
Push press 2x20kg KB


Metcon 2

10 min amrap RPE 7

5 strict pull-ups
5 bench press 60kg

Metcon 3

1 min on/off x10 row

@ 1:34,9

Yesterday 35 min jog.

Think ill try to PR my 10k run later this week.

Never thought I would look forward to run 10k :)


Battle with fasanen again!

Status: Almost no sleep!

Started with some Ladder

Smiding Power Clean up to a new PR 101kg

Godzilla Hang Squat Clean + Push Jerk up to 130kg

Ill give that Round to Fasanen.


1600m run
5 rounds of
10 wb
10 burpees
10 ttb
2000m row

Took a little lead in the Run! #detvarlätt
Fasanen came back strong in the burpees but had to split the last set of t2b for a tie to the rower (Godzilla unbroken of course)

Horrible row with a 1:54 pace :)

Godzilla 22:36
Fasanen 23:06

Haven’t gone this hard since the open I think :)


Good Team practise!

Status: shoulder worse then ever..

Did som snatching yesterday.. But have 2 different appointments this week to try to fix it.

Team wod with Andreas (Girls in other team)

400m farmers carry
1600m prowler push
1600 sled drag
3200m run
3000m row

55 minutes and 10-15 thoughts -Why the fuck am I doing this? :)

Good job team!


Now we have to start training again

Status: Ok

Can’t wait for the shoulder to get normal any longer.

Gonna use next week to get my upper body ready for normal Crossfit shit.

Hang clean 1RM

Happy with that! Might be a PR from hang?

20 “Lagomsving” OTM x 5 @32kg
Rest 1 min
Amrap strikt pull-up OTM x 5

3 set DB row

OTM x 20

Even 5 ps 40kg
Odd 10 burpees


Todays outfit!

Status: So much doms in my shoulders/trapz so I can’t feel the normal shoulder pain :)

Next week I’m gonna step the training and involve the upper body in metcons.

I can’t wait out the shoulder anymore but hopefully it can take it, I think it gonna work :)


30min jog 5,3 km


Almost beaten by Elin today

Status: Insanely tired!

Missed yesterday’s team practice and was forced to take a rest day.

Metcon 1

100 KB swings 24kg
75 STOH 34kg
50 burpees
25 back squat 85kg

Time 14:33

Only 10 burpees faster then Elin to the back squat.. But she ain’t the best with counting and numbers on the other hand :)

Death by TTB start on 3 reps

Gave up on the 15 round and got beaten by Amanda..

Last event with David

21-15-9 of

Cal row
Lateral burpees over rower


Shoulder feels ok so there is hope :)


How to fix the shitty “Open” in less then a minute!

Status: mabye a little improvement in the shoulder.

Here’s how to do it!

Week 1-4

The normal boring everyone can do it burpee shit and everybody’s happy and HQ will get all the money they want!

Week 5 during the weekend (For the top 200 athletes)

Same as the master qualifier 4 real events that testing broader fitness (best move from HQ ever. Ill give them that :)

Ex 4 event on 3 days lets say

Wanna do them 5 times each as in the open? Up to you :)


And if HQ don’t split Europe in 2 next year it’s probably because they don’t give a shit about the European community :)

( 7 European women top 48 in the world ranking after Regionals I think not 100% sure)


Small team competition!

Status: Shoulder..

I’ve designed a small team comp today.

Only 7 people showed up so I had to fill out the last spot :)

Event 1 “power clean total anyhow”

6min timecap
3 attempts each

I did 100,120,135kg

That won us that event with a total of 190kg.

Event 2


7 thrusters 30kg
5 lateral burpees, 6,7,8,9 to fail

Only 1 person working at a time.

Tied for last place here but tied for first spot overall :)

Final event (team chose 1 person)

Death by Wall balls

Started on 12 reps

Godzillas Team won after 8 minutes!

This comp was for a group cool people who were having a bachelor party!

The bachelor fought well but had a few hours earlier got his ass beat up by a female world champion kick boxer :)

But that’s no excuse! Godzillas team won fair and square! :)



Status: Doms in lower back.. Almost rhabdo.

Manage to do 2 sessions today again but a rest would probably been the best :)

“Karagrace” with Amanda and Linnea Fransson.

10 rounds of

3 c&j 60kg
15 wallballs

Got my ass kick here pretty bad here..

Couldn’t do the wallballs unbroken :)

Session 2 with Linnea

After some mocking about my 63rd place finish on the hill run in Falun we decided to do

1000m run x 3 rest 7min

Lets just say Godzilla won this pretty easy and not embarrass Linnea anymore :)

Conclusion I need to do more Crossfit.


I’ve got some complaints…

Status: A little soar from yesterday :)

I’ve got some complaints that I haven’t bitched much lately!

Since we mange to qualify for the “Games” I was planing to try to keep my big mouth shut until after that.. Don’t want a law suit and our team disqualified :)

But I got bored and calculated the average heigh for the male Regionals winners.


And to that you have to add that short people ALWAYS lie about their hight!!

And to Castros statement

– The right people going to the Games (Hobbit Games) this year.

Yeah right :)

I guess Briggs, Lindsey and Chad aren’t fit this year or anymore.