How to fix the shitty “Open” in less then a minute!

Status: mabye a little improvement in the shoulder.

Here’s how to do it!

Week 1-4

The normal boring everyone can do it burpee shit and everybody’s happy and HQ will get all the money they want!

Week 5 during the weekend (For the top 200 athletes)

Same as the master qualifier 4 real events that testing broader fitness (best move from HQ ever. Ill give them that :)

Ex 4 event on 3 days lets say

Wanna do them 5 times each as in the open? Up to you :)


And if HQ don’t split Europe in 2 next year it’s probably because they don’t give a shit about the European community :)

( 7 European women top 48 in the world ranking after Regionals I think not 100% sure)


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