July, 2014

Team Tegen put Sweden on the map!!

Status: Destroyed but happy!

So glad we finished of with style :)

14th in the world!

Best in Europe!

3rd best non American team!

Time to heal our injures and take some time of from Crossfit!

Thx for all the support!!!

Thx to

Crossfit Tegen
Crossfit solid
Great sports
Crossgym Sweden
Kronans apotek
And all you guys who bought my t-shirt!!

You guys made this happen!

Now we cheer for Lukas and Björk!!!



Lets forget day 3 and finish of in style!

Status: Been better :)

Medic crew say i have some Kind of upper hamstring tear…

Fucking hurts when I try to run…

Shoulder is working but is worse..

That’s what you get entering competition injured and out of shape :)

“Chimp chipper”

Timmy couldn’tdo 2 MU in a row cos of his shoulder injury so we knew we were smoked here

“Worm burpees and squats”

Bad gameplan that killed the 2 guys in the front.. Never seen Andreas so tired! Great job anyway :)

“Worm sprint”

19th Decent

Amazing how the judge standard can be so different from time to time..

Are they afraid to no rep the superstars?

Judging is still crossfits biggest problem if they wanna be a legit sport :)

But they taking care of the athletes very well! Thumbs up for that! :)



Day 2 was a success!

Status: tore my hands and got a stretch in my glute from the deadlift.

“The run”

4th place

Timmy Andreas ran fast! Came in 15th

Helena Stina took 11 places and came in 4th!! Awesome

Me and Carro hold that place!


Here we underperformed.

“Sled push 100 yard”

Our thing! 1st place!


Messy but everybody pulled what they were capable of! Good!

“Sled push 200 yard”

Our thing again! 1st place

Happy that we won 2 events and we won them big :)

Foto Mikael svärd






Kalle 3rd! Jessica 4th!

Status: Ok

Congrats to Kalle and Jessica for impressive performances!!

Enjoy the rest of your stay in LA :)



A good start!

Status: ok

11th place in the beach event!

Toughest thing I’ve done for a long time.. Headache for the rest of the day and had to sleep for a few hours when I got back to the hotel.

Went to the stadium and watched Lukas and Björk hit pr’s in OHS.

Lets just say the Americans are a little ahead in the strength and Oly :)

Inspiring to see! When I get home I’m gonna fix my shoulder and start training again. Maby even start to follow a training program? :)




Last session done and ready for competition injured.

Status: sunburned.

At Lax

Dead lift up to 233kg

If I can pull 240 after the run and MU-Fran I take that..


50 cal row
50 ghd sit-ups
50 wall balls
10 box jump over

Row 30/30 x 8

First time I enter a competition with an injury. If it would have been a individual competition I wouldn’t have a thought about entering in this shape! But this is Games and in Team! So let’s #fuckingbringit!


Worst beach volleyball game ever!

Status: perfect except shoulder…

Morning session at LAX

40 PC at 115kg for time (4 people)

Metcon 1

50 medball clean 55kg
50 ring MU
100 Hspu 5 cm deficit (3 people)

Horrible workout for 100kg guys with fucked up shoulders :)

Metcon 2

50 cal row
50 ghd sit-ups
50 wallballs

Session 2 at manhattan beach

Beach volleyball

Worst I ever seen!


Getting settled in LA

Status: A little sunburned after 3 rest days :)

1 Session at Lax Crossfit

Some Deadlift up to 225kg (Omg that was heavy)

OTM 10min

Even 5 thrusters 61kg
Odd 3 bar MU

For time

50 cal row
36 ghd sit ups
50 wb
50 bjo

We are having a great time and enjoying or vacation :)


Testning the shoulder some

Status: Ok

Yesterday i tried the Thruster/MU event.

I would so much rather do regular Fran :)

But since I’m the chimp in the team it looks like I have to do this one!

Good thing is that my shoulder didn’t get any worse just teared my hand.

Today with Lukas

First an attempt to row 2k sub 6:30

Gave up at 1650m (I suck)

OTM 10min

Odd 15 ttb
Even 12 ring rows

OTM 10min

3 paralett HSPU

Session 2

Swimming at Eriksdalsbadet

Swimming is so fucking boring…


Visit to Crossfit Visby and a PR

Status: Shoulder Bad…

Good news first!

Called the Doctor that did the surgery on my knee today and he fixed so I can see a shoulder specialist on Monday 08:00! How fucking great it’s that?? :)

Haven’t done much bloging lately but Gotland is awesome and so is the crew here!

1 rest day and decent training the whole week.

Dropped in on Crossfit Visby today. Had no plan to train but the box so nice I had to do something.

Haven’t finished a 2k row in 3 years.

Today I did :)

With a small PR 6:34,2

I take any PR with this shoulder :)

Amanda did Fran in 2:46 but that is not as important as my row.