Lets forget day 3 and finish of in style!

Status: Been better :)

Medic crew say i have some Kind of upper hamstring tear…

Fucking hurts when I try to run…

Shoulder is working but is worse..

That’s what you get entering competition injured and out of shape :)

“Chimp chipper”

Timmy couldn’tdo 2 MU in a row cos of his shoulder injury so we knew we were smoked here

“Worm burpees and squats”

Bad gameplan that killed the 2 guys in the front.. Never seen Andreas so tired! Great job anyway :)

“Worm sprint”

19th Decent

Amazing how the judge standard can be so different from time to time..

Are they afraid to no rep the superstars?

Judging is still crossfits biggest problem if they wanna be a legit sport :)

But they taking care of the athletes very well! Thumbs up for that! :)



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