August, 2014

Nice weekend in Dalarna

Status: Under control


2k row 1min walking rest x 5 @ 2:00-2:05 speed


Session 1 at Borlänge atletklubb

Mobility and
Power clean + jerk + 3 OHS


Session 2 at Må bättre Borlänge (later tonite)

Jog + row @ recovery speed

Looking forward to train properly again and the next season :)


Good news!

Status: OK

Looks like im gonna get MR Scan on my shoulder within the next 10 days!

Session 1

5 reps backsquat x 3 @ 130kg

Session 2

5k row “hard”

Time 17:48
Speed 1:47
Felt ok

Gonna try some new supliments
Spirulina and chorella :)

Didn’t taste so great so let’s hope the effects are good :)



Got my ass whooped!

Status: better

Pulled and twisted my shoulder in a lot of different angles yesterday and it felt something crunch and the mobility became better.

1 month off and today Godzilla started training again!

Session 1

Freestanding HSPU 11 reps PR

Back squat 3 x 10 reps @100kg

Clean dead lift 5 x 5 @ 110kg

Linnea and Felix did 75 ttb for time with 3 burpees every break

25-15-10-10-5-5-5 time 4:15

Felix defended Solids pride with 3:27

Linnea 4:02

Shoulder felt ok!

Row tonite :)


New intervals new fails :)

Status: pissed off :)

Frontsquat 5reps up to 120kg

4 x 1000m rest 5min

1:40, 1:39, 1:38 fail…

5 x 5 deadlift @100kg

Praying that Thursdays appointment ends up in a MR scan :)


Nice saturday hang at Solid

Status: alive

Fun practice at solid.

10min jog

5k row “Hard” 1:48 speed time 17:57

3 set biceps curls

3 x 20 reps GHD sit ups

Texas Burger


Some “Training plan” intervals

Status: Out of shape :)

With Lukas @ Solid

1 session

5 set KB step ups 20 reps

4 rounds rest 1:1

400m run
21 FLR Burpees
500m row

I need a new body…


Recovery days are nice

Status: Ok

Not sure what i should recover from? :)

1 session

10min jog 8km/h
10min skierg @2:13
5k row @2:00

Saw “Naprapat Hasse” for som dry needleing!


Week 2 in the row program

Status: Didn’t sleep to well

Session 1


Rest 1:30 for every 250m

Same as on Saturday but 1 second faster and not as high RPE

@ 1:39

Session 2

30min jog @ 9km/h

Still no gym and 2 treatments for the shoulder booked this week.

Trying to not feel so stressed about the lack of quality training but its hard :)


Fuck the “Plan”

Status: Ok

Im so bored and frustrated now :)

Session 1

30 min jog @ 9km/h

10km/h and I felt pain in my hamstring!

Session 2 with Pia and Lukas

Press @ 30kg
Ring rows

Row intervals


Rest 1:30 for every 250m

@ 1:40 pace

Points for not failing a third time this week :)


Ninja warrior tomorrow!

Status: Ok

Did some dry needleing on the shoulder today!

No Godzilla is not going to look like a fool running the obstacle course :)

I’m gonna hang out with Great Sports and hook up the athletes with some protein shakes and energy drinks! :)

See you at Gärdet tomorrow it’s going to be fun! :)