September, 2014

Why haven’t Europe’s best crossfiter a contract with reebok?

Status: ok

Why isn’t europe’s best crossfiter Sponsored by reebok?

We all know reebok has their head up HQ’s tight ass and I guess their hands are tight up pretty well :)

Usually Reebok helps out and sponsor the athletes and teams that qualify from regionals to games with money to plane tickets and hotel.

But not this year! In team Tegen’s case because some of the athletes were sponsored by Crossgym.

Tegen got a pair of shorts and a pair of nano 3 compared to MK who got 100000 sek :)

Does reebok have problems Crossgym?

Luckily we got help from Kronansapotek with money to the plane tickets. Big thumps up for that! I will always buy my “Treo” from them from now on :)

What happens next year? Will all the athletes sponsored by Eleiko be abandoned by Reebok cos Eleiko is the major sponsor of Grid??

Was funny when the head judge or who it was asked Emelie Smiding to take of her tights 5min before the final event was about to start on Regionals cos it said crossgym on her thigh :)

Is Grid the reason why Lukas Högberg haven’t got a contract from Reebok?

Heard a rumor that next year when you sign up for Open you have to sign that you won’t participate in the Grid..

Can HQ sink that low?

Godzilla hate when companies fuck up for the athletes.

Saw L.T Fisher with a pair of Nike’s on insta,

Will be awesome when/if companies Like Nike and Redbull decides to step in all the way for the sport of functional fitness.

A lot of questions and time will tell what will happen.

Functional fitness, companies and people that helps the athletes for the win :)


Horrible run session

Status: ok but a sketchy feeling in my left knee.

6x600m run…

Didn’t go well at all but I did it :)

I so don’t wanna do the tunnelrun in November..

Why do shit that you don’t wanna do?

I signed up and backing out isn’t my thing so I better HTFU and start running some more :)


Saturday disco

Status: a little tired

Saturday evening and bored.

Went to fitness 24/7.

Rehab + 4 shoulder exercises

Felt ok!

Tomorrow it’s

6x600m run rest 2 min. Intensitet/puls 90-95%

If I write it here it will be harder for me to back out tomorrow :)


MK open as team next year

Status: better

Going team with some cool dudes next year on MK open!

Made a video about it.

Very happy with the result :)

Crossfit Solid team

1 session at Solid

Wanted to see how week i get when not doing strength work at all for 2 months.

Result: 5rm to 1rm

3 reps up to 160kg and singles up to 180kg

5k row @ 2:05 pace


Straight in the Wall

Status: better

Session 1 @ 24/7

Rehab shoulder

And Back :)

Not strong at all.. The lats drag felt mostly in biceps :)

Session 2 @ Solid

Row 4 x 5min on 2min rest

Stupid idea after stomach flu…

Gave up after 2 intervals.

At least I didn’t shit myself.



New program and new gym card.

Status: Ok

Got a gym card at Fitness 24/7.

So I got access to gym for 2 month. Will try to get some muscle mass back there and hopefully I will be back in CF training in December.

Jumped on The rowing program on solid competition program.

It’s 8 week program for aerobic base.

Tomorrow it’s 30min threshold test..

I think I’ll skip that tho :)

Session 1

30 min row @ 2:03

Session 2 with Smiding

On the 4th minut x 10

400m run
5 Backsquat @ 60kg

+ a little Training plan gymnastics

30 minut to get a burger at Texas before my eating window closes :)



Another day at the Office

Status: Tired today.

Been trying Intermittent fasting for 5 days now. Eating from 13-21.

Can take some time to adjust I’ve heard :)

1 session

10k row @ 2:00

Gymnastic work

Arch and hollow 7 x 20/20

Rings to chest hold and nose to wall 7 x 20/20

Solids competition program starts a 8 weeks rowing program having thoughts on jumping on that to get some company :)


Back in town!

Status: Ok

Already looking forward to the next Profitnesscamp next April :)

Ok some injury status.

Hamstring almost back to normal.

Shoulder feels better.

Wrists are ok.

Saw a doctor today who thought I had “weightlifters shoulder”

So rehab and light gym work is the plan with rowing and running for conditioning.

1 session

5k jog @ 11km/h

Nice to be back at Solid.


Last day in Marbella!

Status: Ok

Rest day.

The group had PR attempt before lunch and a 2 event competition in the afternoon!

Everybody walked away with a PR all from cleans to first MU.

Godzilla was proud :)

Awesome week with Profitnesscamps!

Big thanks to everyone involved :)