October, 2014

Heavy day for the legs

Status: ok

Some work today so 3 shorter sessions.

Session 1 with Lukas

2 min run every 6 min x 6

Keep hart rate below 88%

Session 2

OTM 2 power cleans at 90kg for 10 min

Session 3

Hatch squat cycle week 4 day 1

BS up to 6 reps at 153kg
FS up to 5 reps at 128kg

Felt heavy today :)

Press 3 set at 52,5kg 10 reps

Klokov press 3 set at 40kg 10 reps

Tried some bench but the collarbone didn’t like that today.

Smiding comes up Sunday so ill take a rest day tomorrow :)


I need a hair cut

Status: ok

Calculated the equipment for crossgym challenge today.

I’m sorry if I said its not going to be that hard when I contacted the athletes :)

Session 1

OTM 3 power clean 80kg for 10min

5 x 5 x 160kg deadlift

Session 2 with Helena

OTM for 31 minutes (mobility every second min)

Leg raises
Pull ups

Rest day tomorrow


Lighter Tuesday

Status: ok

1 session

5 rounds with 5kg extra (2 min rest between sets)

3 Bulgarian PU
3 ring 2 chest
5 PU

3 set hanging leg raises

3 rounds

Ski erg
Barbell row

4 set biceps curls

I want to be strong again :)


3 sessions in 1 day!

Status: ok 2 complete rest days with a lot of sleep.

3 sessions sounds a lot more then it was :)

Session 1

Power clean 3 reps up to 80kg

Hatch cycle week 3 day 2

BS up to 8 reps at 145kg
FS up to 5 reps at 105kg

Hand stand practice with focus on form

Press 3 set 10 reps at 50kg

Klokov press 3 set 10 reps at 35kg


Session 2

Metcon 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 of

Toes 2 rings
FLR burpees

Session 3

Row 4 x 1000m rest 4min

Pace 1:45
Strokes 28
Resistance 120

Conclusion 2 rest days was needed. Felt stronger today :)


Slowly getting stronger

Status: ok

Session 1

Hatch cycle week 3

BS up to 6 x 153kg
FS up to 5 x 120kg

Shoulder press 3 set 10 x 47,5kg

Muscle snatch + OHS at 40kg

50 seated dumbell presses 2 x 20kg

Every break 5 hanging leg raises + 1min dead hang


Session 2 with Lukas and Mäntylä

21 minute with max Heartrate 160

1 min row
1 min run
1 min ski erg

Its good to have company when doing metcons! Even better having company with the best guys!


A loooong session

Status: ok

Started with the program that the Stac screening resulted in.

30 minutes of stretching and stuff on Pilates balls :)

3 times a week Godzilla gonna do that.

Deadlift 5 x 5 at 150kg

Thinking a 10kg progression a week here.

Biceps and triceps

Muscle clean at 40 and 50kg

5 set hanging leg raises 10 reps

30 min row



A little less training and a screening

Status: ok

1 session at Solid

Some handstand and ring rows as warmup.

Rope pull-ups 8 sets

Weighted pull-ups 5 sets 5 x 12kg

Barbell row 3 sets 10 x 60kg

Felix did a screening on me with the “Stac” method.

Gonna be interesting to see what stretches and Pilates ball exercises I’m gonna get :)

To tired to do any rowing.


Squats and row

Status: very tired

Session 1

Hatch cycle

Back squat up to 8 x 144kg

In 10 weeks the program say ill have a new 1RM at 184,5kg.

Lets hope I have more then that :)

Front squats 4 set up to 5 x 110kg

Press 3 set 10 x 45kg (adding 2,5kg every shoulder session)

Dumbell press 3 set 15 x 20kg

Some hanging

Session 2

5k row

Pace 1:53
Strokes 20
Resistance 120

Starting to feel a little stronger.



Sleep and recovery.

Status: Ok

Slept 12 hours.

1 session at Solid

30 min row (Recovery)

Pace 1:59
Strokes 20
Resistance 120

New week and squats tomorrow

Looking forward to it :)


Saturday hang at Solid

Status: Tired

Aronsson went bananas on my left side with dry needleing yesterday! So no training.

1 session at Solid with Mäntylä Lukas Helena Amanda.

10 set rope pullups

5 sets wpu 5 reps 8kg

Some handstand walk

Metcon 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 of

Ski erg (cal)
FLR burpees
Row (cal)

Some hanging