December, 2014

Happy new year!

Status: ok

Active recovery day

Session 1

40 min OTM

1min 5 hang squat snatch 30kg
2min 12 russin KB swings 20kg
3min 12 wallballs 6kg
4min rest

Session 2

40min mobility and stretch

Finished of with 10 minute in the fish spa :)





The day Stenberg got chased away by a bird

Status: fine

Session 1

Squat snatch up to a 5 singles at 80kg

OTM 3 MU for 10 min

Progress and it felt ok!

Session 2

30 min run/walk intervals

Sweaty :)

And 1 hour massage.

Another perfect day :)






Back to training

Status: a little bothered by lower back pain.. Gonna try to find a chiropractor or something.

Lunch session

Snatch + butter fly pull-ups

Clean + HSPU

Trusters + ttb

Kept the weight and reps low.

Shoulder was ok but I feel I’m not hanging straight when I do pull-ups so need to keep the volume low.

Evening session

Split jerk 10 x 1 at 100kg

Back squat 4 reps up to 170kg

4 set tempo squats at 80kg

Never really done that. Omg what pain :)

Another good day :)




Rest day with massage

Status: ok

40 min stretch

40 min walk

60 min massage

Some reading

And a lot of chicken satay :)

Awesome day





I survived day 3!

Status: ok

This is paradise!

Lunch session

40 min OTM barbell efficiency

Power snatch
Push jerk
Power clean

On 60kg felt ok

Lunch and a power nap

Evening session

Gymnastics 1 hour OTM

2 MU
6-4 HSPU
6 pistols
7-5 ttb/leg raises
3 strict CTB

Hands hurt and I predict doms tomorrow.

Rest day tomorrow thank god :)





Day 2 and double sessions

Status: ok

Train eat sleep repeat!

Session 1

Power clean + push jerk up to 115kg


3 DL
Hang clean
Push jerk

Up to 105kg

Everything felt heavy. Same feeling when I came to LA this summer. I guess it takes time to adjust.

Session 2

Back squat heavy triple


Heavier then my 3×190 a few weeks ago

Cgbp 3 set 8x80kg

20 minute on the cross trainer

Didn’t feel so hot on that one :)


First Day!

Status: ok

Chalong is a real training place gyms and fighting places everywhere!

Even the juice bars sells protein :)


1 session at Titan Fitness

Metcon “10 days of rehab”

1 hang squat clean 70kg
2 FS
3 C2ring
4 free standing HSPU
5 DL
6 WL
7 bar facing burpee
8 kb swing 24 kg
9 ring rows
10 hanging leg raises

32 minutes

Think im still drugged from the flight.

Took the scoter for a ride to the beach and a massage when we came back.

A soft and nice first day :)



Double PR’s

Status: Ok

1 session

Was a little nervous to squat before lunch.

High bar back squat

120,140,160,180,190,205 PR

A PR cos I only did low bar in 2012

Front squat

100,120,140,160,170,182pr, 185 PR

Haven’t gone over 140 in the hatch cycle the last 3 months but I guess the high bar carry over to The front squat well.

So 205/185 is good enough going in to 2015.

The strict press has gone from 60?-80 during the same time period but I guess that will come up when I’m start doing more Oly.

If you wanna see the lifts they are on my Instagram : rikardlanner

3 weeks in Thailand and scaled Crossfit up next! :)


Saturday at Solid

Status: eye is getting better.

Session 1

Press up to 80kg fail on 82,5kg :)

4 set 10 reps push press at 60kg

Metcon with Amanda

5 rounds

15m 2x20kg KB fr WL
15 PP
2 legless rope climb

I have to work a lot on my shoulders

Session 2

Metcon with Lukas and Simon

3 rounds

42 cal row
21 kbs 24kg
12 ring rows

Pretty low pace so my eye wouldn’t pop out.


Setting up for a PR

Status: No pain but light sensitive.

Been laying down for 72 hours and the back starts hurting.

1 session

BS 5 reps up to 150kg

5 rounds ( very slow)

10 hanging leg raises
12 ring rows

So on Monday I’ll go for 205kg in the high bar back squat. That would be a high bar PR.

Tuesday Thailand.