February, 2015

15.1 twice today

status: ok

First attempt 

1 ttb :)

And 145kg c&j 

Failed the jerk twice on 151kg

Happy any way! Haven’t cleaned more then 140kg since the injury.

Second attempt

6 rounds + 10 reps

Did singles in the power snatch cos my cardio suxs :)

C&j 100,120,132kg

I’ll redo it on Monday if the team needs more reps :)

No metcon today :)

status: Ok

Switched Frontsquat to thrusters

3 reps up to a Double on 120kg

And a single at 130kg (PR if I look at box peak)

Good power from the legs but not the best shoulder and arm strength.

OTM 4min with

PU (could keep scapula in good position)



Paul might come by for some rowing tomorrow.. 

I need that more then a rest day for open :)

1 session and I sucked :)

Status: ok

1 session with Felix

3 different OTM with 5 min rest

Couldn’t do the prescribed reps on 2 of them..

Here’s what I need to do now.

I have my back squat back and my Oly to + 95% that’s good enough 

Now I have to prioritize conditioning if I’m gonna compete anything this season!

I’ll stick to the training plan but throw in some run/row sessions and won’t go as heavy in the  lifts.. Maybe 1 heavy lift a week! Cos that’s 

what I love about training :)

Tough Monday

Status: ok

I think I could have planned the day better :)

Session 1

Short metcon

80 DU
40 PU
80 DU
40 TTB

My shoulder hates kipping pull-ups!

Session 2

HS snatch in my shoes with extra heal.

Felt awesome in the start but missed a lot of lifts forward up to 117,5 and my right arm couldn’t lock out 122,5.

Session 3

Long 3 round metcon

With thrusters snatches c&j mixed up with row airdyne and ski erg!

Did 2 rounds and lives to fight another day :)

Sorry for quitting Ghelu :)


A good Saturday session!

Status: Ok

At Solid with Pansar

A little short on time

In 20min establish a heavy C&J

Up to 140kg


30 rounds of

5 wb
1 power clean @ 100kg

Time cap 30min

Did 28 rounds. Shoulders were smoked after 5 rounds :)

Thx for sparring Pansar!


Strong but incredibly bad work capacity

Status: ok

Session 1

Multiple jerks + ohs

But on an extra heel on a pair of old lifters and had to go heavy on the jerk

Up to 150kg push jerk and a new PR


4 x 2 on 8 off

Sucked like hell here…

Session 2

With Paul “the ninja on water”

4k warm up

4 min 24 strokes
Rest 2
3 min 26 strokes
Rest 2
2 min 28 strokes
Rest 2
1 min 30 strokes

X 2

Nice row session! Thx Paul :)


Doctor, recovery and 30mins with Aronsson!

Status: ok i guess

Did ultra sound on my shoulder at Sophia hemmet.

Didn’t look that bad and the option is to take a kortison injection in the shoulder or not?

Though one..

Do it now and hopefully I can train better after the open or after open and miss quality training then?

I wouldn’t draw points in that many workouts to Solids team anyway.

Have to sleep on it..

1 session

2 on 2 off x 6

3 on assault bike

3 on the rower

Aronsson worked on the shoulder and it feels better again!


Ripped hands and a 120kg snatch

Status: ok. Super nice with rest day yesterday!

I’m liking the rest days the most..

Maybe I’m getting to old for this :)

Session 1

Metcon open 12.5

5 cleans 10 ttb 15wb

Ripped up the blisters from Saturday after 10 mins and stopped.

Session 2

Snatch up to 120kg

Used straps cos of slippery hands

10 reps BS at 170kg

Joined in on the 16:00 class

3min on 4 off x 6

With different CF movements

Did some tests with Lotta also :)


Did Both sessions today

Status: Ok

Skipped session 2 yesterday. Think it was a good call. If you totally suck go home and rest!

Session 1 with Amanda Falk och Dennis

Clean pull under + jerk

Heavy 4 front squat 160kg

Happy for a morning session!

Did a workshop in cleans with Elin.

Session 2 with Elin


3 rounds

21 thrusters 40kg
14 deadlifts 100kg
7 bar muscle ups

8:12 and ripped hands :)

Goal was to go slow and unbroken.

Had to split the thrusters on round 3 tho..

A good week and I’m happy I can do the workouts as RX.


Stressful day but got some training done!

Status: ok

A lot of work!

1 session

Joined in on the row intervals on The 17:00 class cos it was team based.

I go you go on the rower


Did some push pressing up 132,5kg

Happy with that! The leg strength feels ok

Regionals 2012 with Dennis

2k row
50 pistols
30 hang cleans @ 100kg

14:07 at least a better time then I had on regionals 2012 :)