March, 2015

Tried a few ring dips.

status: ok

Session 1 

A lot of gymnastics…

Since I missed the off season this year due to the shoulder I kinda sucked here..

Tried some ring dip stuff and I think I have to take it very easy here or my problem will come back.

But good stuff that’s need to be done if you wanna compete in CF.

Session 2 (weight lifting)

Did a few extra Snatch complexes  up to 115kg (but not to fail at least :)

Strict HSPU progression at 9kg.

Rest day tomorrow and some tests on Thursday!


Thank god the open is over

status: Ok

A deload week with normal training is welcome.

1 session

C&J on every 30 sec

Back squat 3×5 at 140kg

Will be interesting to see the leaderboard tomorrow :)



Status: ok

Session 1 with/vs Fasanen

Was afraid she gonna beat me but I stuck to my game plan and it worked out ok.


Wasn’t that horrible that every one says!

Pacing is the key.

Session 2

Strict HSPU progression @ 8kg

Strict CTB 5×5

30 min 30/30

Ski erg

Air dyne


Great day at the box with nice people.


Finaly a rest day tomorrow!

status: ok 

Session 1 with Felix 

2 different intervals 

1st Run, burpee Bj over and lunges

2nd Row and rope climbs 

Let’s just say the 2nd worked out better :)

Session 2

Barbell cycling mixed up with BJ and burpees.

Strict HSPU progression on 7kg.

Aronsson smashed my thighs with massage and linex..

I’ll never used linex again for sure :)


Team practice for MK open!

status: a little less stiff in the neck.

Session 1 

Weight lifting 

Clean DL and C&J

Cramped up at 130kg 

Tried some backsquat 5 reps up to 140kg.

Did 1 rep on 150 but had to much pain.

My legs is in bad shape I hope Aronsson can help me tomorrow with some massage.

Session 2 with Fasanen

Team practice.

No warm up.

35 min intervals 20/20 sec on air bike and row.

Think my team mate could have pushed her self a little harder here… 

Lukas and simon did 2 FS + Jerk

We joined in, up to 140kg.

A good day after all.



status: ok

Summary 15.4

All I got was 102 reps and a stiff neck..

Did some snatches up to 95kg

And a 12min row, bar MU and 100kg c&j workout.

I feel like a need a vacation :)


Great weekend with STAC!

status: ok

STAC Grundtränare.

Best course I’ve ever attended to! 

Looking forward to pilot step 3 of the stac/solid collaboration in May :)

Rest day again today. Feels awesome with some deload!

Rest days for the win!

Stac Grundtränare and 15.4

status: ok

Great education down here in Ronneby!

3 days of learning. Haven’t had much time over but manage to squeeze in 15.4 today.

Good thing about it for me is that is no cardio in this one either. Bad thing it’s just high reps HSPU :)

This is the way CrossFit have taken I guess.

3/4 workouts that’s just about one gymnastic exercise high reps .

Why wasn’t the workout


3 clean


6 clean 


9 clean 

And so on.. ?

But the new standard on HSPU is better then the box I’ll give them that.

The Day after.

status: ok but destroyd 

Going hard in open workouts cost energy.

Had to change the training.

Session 1

5k row @ 2:05

20 min Training plan intervals on assault bike

Session 2

Strict press 2 reps up to 85kg

Herous strict HSPU progression at 6kg

Food and sleep up next!

Happy with 15.3!

status: ok

1 shot at 15.3

Did 2 rounds on Friday to get used to the movements and prevent Rhabo in an all out effort :)

Goal was 3 rounds.

Did 3 rounds in 13:58 (471 reps)

DU is a real suck at and high reps DU is worse :)

I think my mind won over my conditioning this time and is happy with that.

Probably lost 20kg in my clean and jerk for the rest of the week.