May, 2015

Double team practice 

status: ok

Tried the synchronized ctb workout…

 What do I think about partner deadlift and this workout?

Take a guess…

2 weeks to fix everything will be fun :)

Did a lot of events today and looking forward to some lighter training tomorrow!


Thrusters and rope climbs 

status: Ok

Was a little tired but I joined Felix and simon on the Ropeclimb WOD.

9:40 with a poor footlock I understood half way thru the workout.. 

This workout could be 30 rope climbs for time instead :)

I don’t even wanna talk about regionals day 2 for individuals.. Hope the team events will be better :)


Felt better today 

status: ok

Session 1 gymnastics

Even tried a few CTB here!

Session 2 intervals 1 hour

Felt really good and much better then yesterday.

Regionals day 1

Grip fest for the individuals… Time to fix that foot lock :) I don’t think the team events will be based so much on them.


Back  home again!

status: ok

Kinda miss the weather and the pool at Aloha hill club :)

Session 1

3 metcons 7min long with 10-15 rest 

Scaled thrusters to strict HSPU and CTB to pull-ups.

Hard… I’ll pay for the slacking in Marbella now I guess :)

Session 2

Snatch and backsquat 

Failed 110 in snatch and 130kg was heavy in the squat :)

New day tomorrow 


Last night in Marbella 

status: body is a mess :)

Session 1

2 metcons

Lunch and 3 hours in the sun. Important to have a good tan before I come home.

Session 2


Dubble jerks and som clean and jerk tng.

This session didn’t go so well :)

Some recovery swim tomorrow and back to Sweden.