June, 2015

Rest Day gone bad

Status: ok

Rest on the program.

Session 1 with Amanda

40min gymnastic OTM (low intensity)

Session 2 with Smiding

4 x 800m

Last interval on 17 km/h time 2:50



Solid qualifier nr 2

Status: under control.

Spend the day at eriksdals badet.

No swimming ( save the energy for the qualifier)

Session 1

Normal warm up

Loaded the bar with 141kg and hit that.

Had a old time of 7:36 on the wod.

Felt ok up to the squat cleans.. Think I hit some kind of wall there and ended up with a time of 7:06. Better then a few years ago at least :)

Gonna start laser treatment on my thighs tomorrow.


Worst session in a long time!

Status: ok I thought..

Every time I say to my self -Training is finally going good! The next session is a disaster :)

Session 1

Snatch complex.

Long warm up

Up to 90kg and I aborted..

To much pain I my legs to generate any power and in the squat.

Metcon 2min on/ 2min off

Running DL and pistols

To much pain for Pistols..

Row, thrusters and PU

Training suxs again but I’ll be back tomorrow :)


2 good sessions!

Status: ok

Session 1 (weightlifting)

33 reps clean and jerk OTM and on the seconds 85-140kg (fail jerk on 143,145)

10 rep OHS @ 100kg

Session 2

Assault bike intervals

10 min ot2m 10 sec all out (1500w)
10 min ot2m 20 sec all out (1100w)
10 min 30/30 (500w)

Good day and nice with some swimming tomorrow :)


Gymnastics + running

Status: ok

I like the programming atm. A lot of different sessions and skills.

Session 1
40 min OTM gymnastic skills

Session 2
800m intervals (running) x 4 rest 1:1

Did the last at 16km/h


Third swim session!

Status: ok

Active recovery.

Program said sled push/drag but I went with Helena to Iform in sundbyberg for some swimming.

The crawl intervals are getting better! Not much but better :)


4 weeks left

Status: ok but tired

Session 1 with Amanda at Eken.

30 min row intervalls 20/20

Session 2 at solid

Power clean and push press multiple reps and OTM

Up to 3 + 3 at 110kg

Deadlift OTM 3 reps at 180kg

Would be nice with a lighter day tomorrow :)



Not The best Day

Status: headache..

Session 1

Filming some lifts for muscles.se

Squat clean thruster
Push press
Clean and jerk

Session 2

Crossfit intervals 2min/2min off x 8

Some lighter tempo squats.

Nice with active recovery tomorrow.


Lighter day and a lot of PR’s

Status: Fine

Session 1

Played around with free standing HSPU.

Score 18 unbroken reps and a new PR

Some midline and bottom up KB presses.

Session 2 with Amanda and Helena.

Swimming! Again!

We got sponsored by Iform the gym with cards to their swim hall in sundbyberg!

So I have no more excuses anymore for not swimming :)

8 x 25 crawl
3 x 50m crawl
2 x max under waterswim
And 25 meter for time!

Did around 35m under water (PR)
The girls timed me at 13 sec for 25m (PR)