July, 2015

Last session and Venice beach.

Status: ok!

Last session before the Games.

Morning session at CrossFit LAX.

Clean and jerk up to 124kg.

Spend a few hours at Venice :)


Sum up of the first 3 days.

Status: ok

Training has been a disaster cos of jet leg and sun burn :)

But today was better then first day so I hope we are adjusting.

Run, clean and jerk and DL/MU are released.

No wall balls to fuck up the run this time :)


2 fast metcons

Status: ok

Metcon 1 (last years games chipper with Amanda and Elebro/gärdsmo)

In pair of 2 (complete reps each)

50 cal row
50 ghd
50 wallballs ( 30 lbs ball)
50 box jump over

Big difference with the heavier ball.

Metcon 2

8-7-6 (synced)

200kg Deadlifts
Bar MU

Went ok for a first try.

Got a nice t-shirt from beat you apparel



Status: trying to heal my hands.

Session 1

A lot of clean and jerk!

Came up to 130 only.

Went out to work on the tan for a few hours.

Session 2 with Andreas

“Murph” scaled to ring rows with 9kg weight vest.

1600m run
100 ring rows
200 push-ups
300 squats
1600m run

Time 43:15

The push ups was hardest.

Do this in the heat in LA will not be fun at all :)


Loooooong session!

Status: ripped hands.

1 long session

The worm..

3 rounds

30 squats
30 burpees over

Back squat

Up to 5 reps at 150kg

Very heavy but no pain

5 x 5 at 120kg

Metcon 2


Deadlift 140kg
Strict pull-ups

Metcon 3

5 rounds

20 cal assault bike
20 ghd sit ups

Pretty good training with ripped hands.

I have to start squat very badly after the games!

My strength is a disaster atm.


Time to shape up

Status: ok

Back to a body weight at 99kg.

Session 1

C&J and Bar MU

Ripped my hand on the last rep on the 9 round…

Stupid.. Though my gymnastics grips would save me but no :)

Session 2 (running)

Wanted to spare my knees and did 30min of ski erg ,AB and jog.

3 not so good sessions in a row now.



Strange Day

Status: tired

Aborted session 1 on the warm up.

1 hour of pain with Aronsson.

Session 2

Strict HSPU
Press behind neck

Amanda did “Amanda” I joined in and tried to sync her MU. Went ok

Had 2 easier days now and hope to go hard again tomorrow.


Yesterday was to hard :)

Status: Doms

1 recovery session with Helena


3 min sled drag
3 min assault bike

Every change 10ghd or 10m handstand walk.

Now Texas burger!



Solid open Q3

Status: Ok

Session 1

Solid open qualifier

No excuses on this one either… I just hate burpees.. Happy that I didn’t quit.

Time 6:31

Session 2 with Anna Helena Elebro


Pick your least favorite “girls”

I did Diane then Amanda and we did Karen together with a 30lbs Slam ball!

Felt like a short person when I had to jump the ball away so it got high enough :)

Me and Elebro won over Anna and Helena.


Day 1 on summer camp!

Status: ok

Awesome day with awesome people!

Spent roughly 6 hours out in the sun in charge of the team workout.

In pairs of 2

400m run
40 hpc
400m run
40 burpees
400m run
40 thrusters
400m run
40 push ups
400m run
40 front squats

Joined in with Stenberg on the last session time 18:41

Perfect with a longer workout in the heat :)

Session 2

Some C&J OTM and strict presses