September, 2015

Doms and LSD 

status: My legs!!

Got some massage from Joanna.

1 session

90min at 140 hart rate 

15min on



Ski erg




Hopefully back in shape tomorrow 


2 qualifier in 1 day

status: ok

Morning session.

Hate morning sessions..


A 15min chipper.

Score 1 round + 70wb. 335 reps split 6:16.

Happy with that but I rowed to slow.. Or as Camilla said my cardio sucks :)

Session 2

Greek qualifier 1

For time

25 cal row 12 c&j 50kg

25 cal row 9 c&j 60kg

25 cal row 6 c&j 70kg

Time 5:26

Dont think I’ve could have done much better here either.

Changed my DL program from DL to clean pulls.

So 11 CP at 175kg

Looking forward to some easier training tomorrow 


Day 7 turned in to test day with some decent results.

status: ok

Haven’t snatched since Solid open so I thought it was time.

Up to 115kg 

All the deadlifts have made the pull feel strong but upper body and recive was off.

Bench press

Up to 140kg 

Felt ok

Weighted Pull-up 

Up to 60kg with pronated grip and 64kg with supinated grip.

Guess I’ll have to take that rest day tomorrow then.


And on the 7th day… 

Status: ok

6th consecutive day of training.

Rest day tomorrow.

Session 1 with the kids.

Crossfit intervals 

6 x 3 min

Got some needles from Aronsson.

Session 2 with Aronsson.

9 Singels DL @ 175kg.


Today i lifted!

status: ok 

Session 1 liftning!

Power clean + pushpress

Up to 125kg

Powerclean + jerk

Up to 130kg

7 singels DL @ 175kg

Session 2

Todays class on Solid.

  Talk about shoulder killer :)

LSD with the Solid crew.

status: ok

75 minutes total

Skierg 15min

AB 15min

Row 15min

Run/jog 15min

AB 15min

Avg hart rate 135

I need a few of these sessions a week… Extremely boring doing them alone! Had nice company today.

Picture from the warmup for the water worm :)  

I did a qualifier voluntarily.

status: ok 

Since I can’t push my self that hard lately I though doing a qualifier could help me.

Session 1


Amrap 15min


30 ttb

40 bjo 

15 ctb 

100 cal row

Score 1 round + 47 wb

Had to drop the ball after 55 shots that’s pretty bad for being me..

But glad I didn’t quit :)

Session 2

Upper body disco!!

4 rounds



Incline DB bp

 Band pull aparts 

I miss the OLY abit.


Slap in the face!

status: Fat

Session 1 with fasanen and Elin.

Old regionals wod on TTP.

We did that..

I went very slow but it was still hard. 25 minutes :)

Meeting with the competition group.

Session 2

8 x every 4th min 25cal AB, 10 burpees.

Gonna need to focus on cardio up until Istanbul Throwdown or there will be no point in going there.. 

Is it even safe to go there? 

Fat people is harder to kidnap they say. Let’s hope that is true :)


A Sunday with the Panther!

status: tired!!!

Helena did a qualifier so I went to Solid early.

1 session since I took rest yesterday.

Backsquat 2reps up to 180kg

Deadlift program 5 singles  at 175kg

Disco circle 3 rounds

Cgbp 95kg 5reps

Wctb 12kg 5 reps

Erom HSPU 10cm 5 reps

Dumbell row 40kg 8/8reps

Finished of with 4 rounds of

Strict MU 3-5 reps

10 ghd sit ups

Felt like a good deload session.


Badybuilding day!

status: Beat up from yesterday.

1 session today

Overhead, front rack, farmers walk

Strict MU

15 rounds of 

1 deadlift 170kg

3 parallet HSPU

Tomorrow I go to Linköping.