October, 2015

Ring dips

status: ok

Last day of the training week.

Session 1

Oly +BS

Power snatch

Power clean + push press 

Up to 160kg 5 reps BS

Session 2

OTM 50min

1. Hspu strict 5 erom 

2. Planka 

3. 10 ring dips strict

4. Hollow hold/ L-sit

5. Rest

Yes I know pretty lazy with a minute of rest in there :)

First time doing ring dips since I hurt my shoulder doin them  in 2014!

Felt ok expecting doms in pecs!

So super nice with rest tomorrow.


A day with fasanen and pantern.

status: ok

Lunch session with Fasanen and Robin.

Traningplans otm skill session.

Actually felt pretty good except the CTB.

Evening session with Pantern.

90 on 90 off x 6

28 DU

14 PS

7 burpees

This was harder :) but I did it.

Maybe I can go to Greece anyway more of a support to Amanda and Lukas then fully focus only own comp.


Light day.

status: ok

Couldn’t decide if I would rest completely or do something.

Doms in shoulder and lats.

1 session

Every 4th minute x 5

20 cal AB + 15wb

Got some serious pump in my legs.

Finished of with 20min on AB at 140 heart rate.

 Doesn’t feel like my body is back to normal after the cold… 


3 days in a row

status: Doms!

1 session with Emelie.

50 minutes of Core and upper body disco!

Nice deload session after 2 days of heavy weightlifting.


Smiding fitness day 2

status: ok

Session 1 (to early) with Emelie 

Weight lifting

Snatch and C&J up to 90%

Back squat up to a couple of sets 3 reps at 170kg

Positive thing here is no pain in my thighs! 

Session 2

45 minutes at 145 hart rate rolling on

Skierg row and assault bike.

Feeling better but not ready for high intensity.

Photo: jogging with a sandbag… :)


Yes I could train today!

status: ok?

Slept all Sunday! A good sign and I think I needed it.

Met up with Emelie pretty early.

We did snatch, c&j and Back squat.

Snatch up to 104kg

C&j up to 133kg

Bs up to 5 reps at 150kg


30min rest and then I did Solids daily class.

1 on 1 off for 47min


Rope climb/ DU


Avg heart rate 145.

Hopefully I’m not sick anymore! 



status: still not ok.

Session 1


2 reps up to 95kg

Session 2 

Clean + clean + fS + fS + jerk

Up to 120kg

Tried some PP but aborted.

Dead lift A couple of singles at 170kg.

At the moment I see no point at going to Greece to compete in 3 weeks :)


Tried to train today.

status: felt a little better this morning.

Wednesday we did a little swimming.

Felt like shit again on Thursday.

Friday session 1

Snatch from blocks up to 110kg. It was fun haven’t done that since 2012. Will do it more.

4 set press

4 set pull-ups 

Session 2

45 min at 145 hart rate. Skierg AB,run

Had to abort after 15min… 

I don’t feel sick but my body refuses to do conditioning.


What a weekend in Istanbul!

status: a bit sore 

Flew in on Friday from Marbella.

Short analys of the comp and events for me.

The organizers said they wanted to make the competition as hard as the Games. I didn’t know that and they did a pretty good job with that :)

1st event

Light powersnatches and shuttle run.

This should have fit me well I thought but had no power at all coming of a cold last week.

Ended up 7th and the worst placement of the weekend.

2nd event 10min time cap

Buy in 800m run

3 rounds

75 DU

10 ohs

20m hswalk

Running and DU in the same workout :)

Lower intensity worked out better and ended up 2nd.

3rd event 

Thrusters and ring MU.

Super paced my self and could do the MUs in 3 sets each round which is ok for being me but with a little to long rests and ended up 3rd.

Conclusion day 1

Sitting 3rd after day 1 was not what I wanted so had to rethink the competition.

New goal second place and Damage control.

4th event

Max C&J + broad jump 

Did 135 and 140kg +281 cm

Very happy with that since I don’t do Oly or squats atm. 1st place.

Overtook the 2nd place and had a few points up to Scott Healy sitting third. 

Game plan for the rest of the Comp was to keep Healy behind me.

5th event 16min time cap

Sandbag run 800m

20 sandbag pistol

4 seated leg less rop climbs

600m , 18 , 3

400m 16, 2

More running!

Tied third with Healy.

6th Event

Amrap 12min

21 cal row

2 bear complex 

14 ctb 

7 strict HSPU 12cm rom 

Paced it and took 2nd

Final event 

Lateral burpees 15-12-9-6-3

Squatsnatch 5-4-3-2-1

Missed the warmup but took second.

Hats of to Jocke who won! I’ll put up a better fight next time.

Glad I took 2nd place.


Tough and cool competition something you don’t want to come in overweight and out of shape for sure :)

Congrats to all podium finishers and to Lukas for the win and Amanda on a solid 5th place!

Nice to hang out old and new friends.

Things that separated the athletes was as usual

Rope climbs 

Strict HSPU 


And Lukas burpees :)

Now go practice that shit!


A Solid update!

status: been better

Back in Sweden Helena and simon won tyngre games.

Lukas is the lead!

Amanda in 5th

I’m sitting 3rd

Felt bad the whole day and had to sleep between the events.

Couldn’t push my self at all in the high intense workouts.

7th place in the snatch and shuttle run.

3rd in the thruster And MU.

2nd in the run double under ohs hs walk event.

Hope I feel better tomorrow and gunning for the 2nd place overall.