Godzilla’s CF record

status: my rib feels busted. 

Did some light breast stroke swimming yesterday.

Tried to remember all my CF competitions yesterday and came up with this.

Godzilla’s Record
Season 2010
x-mas ind 1st
Season 2011 (Achilles rupture)
CF “SM” ind DNF
Season 2012
European Regionals ind 24th

MK open ind 1st

Frontline team 2nd
Season 2013 (patella fracture/knee surgery)
Roslagen open ind 1st
Season 2014 (shoulder injury)
MK open ind 4th

European Regionals Team 2nd

Crossfit Games Team 14th
Season 2015
MK open Team 1st

Meridian Regional Team 1st

Crossfit Games Team 5th

Solid Open master 1st

Istanbul Throwdown master 2nd

Nordic Showdown online master 1st

Greek Throwdown master 1st


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