February, 2016

16.1 Done!!

Status: ok

Session 1 

Snatch up to 115kg

À couple of fails at 120kg.

Can’t lock out my right arm.. Gonna work with Aronsson on that.


Legs was gone after the first round :)

Score 248 (9,5 rounds)

Had a goal of 10 rounds but can’t be disappointed… Going hard once a week in Crossfit metcons for 5 weeks will be good for my overall cardio.

Session 2 

20 repper DL at 180kg

Super hard and expect doms in posterior chain tomorrow.

8 straight days of training so I can take a rest day tomorrow :)


Got 1 session in

Status: ok

1 session with Max and Smiding.

Otm 40min

1. 4 MU

2. 5 c&j 60kg

3. 8 ctb 15 air squat

4. 5 OHS 60kg

Felt ok! 

Not looking forward to to 16.1 on Monday after seeing the others do it :)

I have a feeling I’ll hit the wall after 8min and be in hell for 12 more..



Status: messed up hip flexors and biceps tendons.


40min otm

1 min 20 cal row

2 min 5-10 leg raises 

3 min 10 bar facing burpees

4 min rest


10-8-6-4-2-4-6-8-10 of

Strict PU

Strict Hspu

Metcon 3 rounds of 16.1

Don’t like any of the exercises but at least it’s no high rep :)

Gonna go for 1 round every 2nd min when I do the workout but probably ain’t gonna make that :)


Still no CF

Status: ok

Session 1 with Smiding

2 hang power snatch every 90sec up to 100kg

Pc  + hpc every 90 sec up to 130kg

Session 2

20min AB 

Hip stretch and flow


1 fast session

Status: ok

Every 20 sec for 10 min 1 thruster at 100kg

10min rest

22 x 60/20 on row/ab

Tomorrow I’ll try some Zcrossfit again.


Backing off

Status: ok but a not so happy shoulder.


Otm 40min

1. 4-5 mu

2. 7-8 strict hspu

3. 7-8 ctb

4. 7-8 ring dips

5. Rest

Yes that was to much for my shoulders..

16 reps DL at 170kg with overhand grip.


Complete rest.


90/30 x 15


Hopefully I can use my shoulders tomorrow again!


Could be training smarter…

Status: been better

Session 1

Went shit.

Session 2 with Amanda Simon and frelf

30 hard / 30 low x 5 rest 1min x 6

Went better.


CTB and MU makes me wanna quit Crossfit.

Status: ok 

Complete rest day yesterday.

Doms and stiff in lower back and legs.

1 session

Snatch up to fail at 110kg..

Jerk from boxes. Racked off 130kg and didn’t even try to jerk it…

Thought I was gonna be strong after a rest day but NO :)

Metcon open chipper from 2014

Went fine to the MU.. 19 there..

Did the ttb 5 sets of 10 and wasn’t that hard so at least something went good today :)


Better at HSPU

Status: ok

Session 1 with Elebro

Ski erg, AB, row intervals 3on 1off

Session 2

C&j up to 145kg couldnt clean 155kg…

Wod open 15.4 (hspu/clean)

123 reps

Happy with that.

Intervals with Helena 20 x 90/30 row/true form


9 minutes of training

Status: ok

Did 9 min of the OHS/ctb open wod.

Felt like an elefant but got some ctb done.