March, 2016

Today it was green.

Status: ok but doms in lower back.

1 session

Green session 45min

5min AB (290w)

5min true form (11,5km/h)

5min treadmill (10km/h)

X 3

I like the green sessions best.

You should always train like that.


Day 2 in the life of a crossfitter.

Status: ok

Doms in stomach and pain in arms.

Session 1 with Amafr och mäntality.

Hang snatch doubles.

Snatch singles.

Front squat 4 x 3.

Session 2 (orange)

50cal row 50 DB snatch 100 du

40cal row 40 DB snatch 80 du

30cal row 30 DB snatch 60 du

Handstand walk.

Tomorrow recovery session thank god!


Im gonna be a crossfitter.

Status: ok

I’m gonna eat, train and think like a crossfitter now!

No I’m not.

But I’ll try to train as many sessions I can with the Team.

Starting to add 1 red session a weak and try not to get killed by their volume.

Joined Amanda for her second session today.

Skill session.

Otm 5mu x 8 (only got 4 in the last 2 sets)

Rest 5min

5 rounds

15 ghd sit-ups 

10 erom hspu

Rest 5min

5 rounds

30 DU

2 legless ropeclimbs

Rest 5

100 push-ups 

10 pistols every time you break.

I survived.


16.5 fail

Status: ok

1 session

Went slower today. 

Didn’t work was tired and unmotivated.

Now I have to focus on finding some joy in the training again.

Score 31:11


Norwegian 4’s

Status: ok with doms

Session 1

4 x 4 on 2 off

Run/assult bike 

Redlined on both AB intervals.. Starting to become a habit.

Slept and woke up with more doms and didn’t feel like a second session!

Happy Easter 


Fuck burpees

Status: ok

2 burpee workouts and no 1rm… What a joke!

Bring Froning, smith and Fraiser together to do a boring burpee workout?!?!

So fucking unepic!!

Tried to do 16.5 today.

Went hard for 7 minutes and took a long break and got a time of 31:18.

Maybe I have to do it on Monday if we don’t have a third score for the Team.


Training with Captain Flint

Status: ok

Alot of heat on bridges 16.4 score…

Looks like HQ is shooting them self in the foot once again :)

Just shows that the open isn’t a great qualifying system.

But I’ll be even more upset if we don’t see a barbell max effort on Friday :)


I’m sitting 170somthing after 4 workouts in Europe and ok with that only doing them once as my only weekly CF metcon.

Would be fun to see a leaderboard with people’s first attempts!

Heard that “Tyngre games” will be 5 events in 1 day! 

Poor Emma will probably have to do up to 80% of the reps at the end of the day :)

1 session today with captain Flint


1min 10 strict hspu

2min 10 hanging leg raises 

3min 10 brace yourselfs kipping CTB (haven’t done them since 16.1.. 30 minute warm up just to be able to do them)

4min amsap L-sit

5min rest.

Row intervals

2min on 30sec off x 10 

Was supposed to be 12 but didn’t have the energy.


Shit day

Status: ok

Tried to lift after a lot of work went shit.

Went home.

New day tomorrow.



Status: ok

Worked today and got a recovery session in.

1 session

40min (easy) 

10min run (9,5km/h)

10min assultbike (290 W)

x 2



Status: ok

Did 16.3 today so I have the rest of the weekend anxiety free.

Did a stable performance.

The open is such a pain in the ass… 

Sucking out all of my training joy!  not that I had to much of that going in to the open :)