April, 2016

Back on it

Status: ok

Haven’t train for 2 days (migraine yesterday)

Session 1

Hs in in bear complex

Didn’t go well..

Session 2 team training

3 events

Went better!

Looking forward to the release of the regional events.


Still beat up from Saturday

Status: beat up

Did train Monday and Tuesday tho.

Today session 1 with weightlifting 101 and big swede

Snatch up to HS x 3

Session 2 with the pretty boys Elebro and Lukas

35 min runing intervals outdoor.

It was cold.. 


Team rehab put on a show

Status: ok

Short repcap

Event 1

Snatch complex with 5 burpees otm 8min

Felt unstable.. Worst event of the day. I sucked here…  

Need to warm up more when it’s early morning event.5th place

Event 2


2 Legless ropeclimbs 

20 Burpee boxjumps 

30 Weighted pistols

40 Ttb

I did more pistols Emma did more burpees.

Emma has a big heart and even did some pistols on her bad leg!

2nd place

Event 3

King Kong!!

Haven’t done that one since 2010 :)

Had a great fight Oscar Andersson!

My time 2:36

Emma was awesome here!

She haven’t pulled a DL over 100kg for 2 years and made those 145kg look easy!

3rd place!

1 event placement from a tied 3rd place!

But it ok! The 18min slaughter final was a killer and not that disappointed that I missed that one :)

Great test for the upcoming Regionals!

Great athletes and a great Event!

Thx to everybody involved from judges to the Tyngre guys!

And as I predicted the Solid teams 1st and second 2nd and Nordic/f4l third!

Biggest thx to my awesome teammate Emma!

Gl luck with the upcoming surgery. I know you will comeback stronger!

/team rehab


Competition day tomorow!

Status: ok

Rest day

Aronsson tried his best to treat me in to shape for tomorrow.

Overall service and some extra work on the scare tissue in my pec (extremely painful) 

Will be interesting to see how my Solid teammates handles the the events with them being briefed tomorrow morning?

Will they run in the wrong direction?

 Will they do burpees when it’s boxjumps?

Snatch or clean&jerk? What will it be? :)

If you come to Solna tomorow you will find out!


Radio and Competition on saturday.

Status: ok

Guested Tyngre radio today.

Will compete on Saturday in Solna with Emma. (Team Rehab)

Come and support us!

1 session today

Joined solids 16:00 class.

35min amrap 

50 DU

25 lunges

24 kb snatches

6 push-ups 

3 wall walks

Heart rate 75-85%

Rest day on a Friday tomorrow that’s nice!


A good day!!

Status: ok

Session 1 with Elebro

I go you go x 10

5 burpee box jump

1 rope climb

After that we did some handstand walk.

Session 2 with Amanda and Simon

50 cal AB

500 run

50 cal row

In hartrate zon 4 up to 90%

Session 3!

Needed to test my chest in MU

20 ring MU

20 bar MU 

In controlled set of 5 

Finally did  a interview with Tyngre!

It will be up tomorrow 


Forced deload?

Status: I don’t know?

Headache all day.

1 session 


400m run + 10 burpees

Some hspu, l-hang, swings in the rings bla bla.

To scared to try a MU today.. Will try tomorrow.

Not a good start on this training week.


Not a good day 

Status: stiff

Session 1

Snatch up to 100kg and ended it there.

Session 2

No motivation 

Fredrik Elfgren tried to fix me up with some treatment.

Butterfly pull-ups in small set 5-10 and a total of 60-70.

Didn’t feel any pain in the chest so that good.

Wpu 6 sets 3 reps at 16kg

Emelie did them with 30kg :)


3 weeks of Crossfit.

Status: ok

Team training on Nox Box today.

1. Rope climbs and squat cleans

2. DL burpees and ttb

3. AB GHD WB and MU

Did everything exept the MU.

Session 2

40min AB just pedaling with feets (240w)

So happy with a rest day tomorrow!



Status: ok

Session 1 with Elebro 

Handstand and Hspu

Session 2 with Pantern

Power snatch up to 102,5kg

18min OTM (think it was TP)

1min 30 DU + 5 hang cleans

2min 5 thrusters + 10 ttb

3min 12 cal AB

Did ttb with no pain in the chest (good)

Looks like puls watch flipped out :)