August, 2016


Status: ok

Left shoulder could be better tho..

Got a yearly subscription from Rom Wod so I started that today and did 2 short sessions!

Great for people who don’t like to stretch (me)

1 session with Elfgren (The exercising plan)


1. 3 strict + 6 kipped HSPU 

2. 2 x 10 sec L-sit

3. 6 strict dips

4. 8 hanging leg raises 

5. 5 strict pull-up + hang the rest of the minute

6. Rest

Finished of with some sots press with a stick.


Maybe mobility works?

Status: ok

Have done 3 sessions in the last 6 days…

Today I did jerk

Up to a  jerk @ 150kg

Over head mobility felt better after 12 days of hanging.


On the 8th day of exercising 

Status: ok

1 session 

20 min bike

20 walking on the true form with and sand bell on the shoulder

20 min bike

Watching Goth on the phone.

1min hang 1min rest x 7


Same same but different 

Status: watched Game of thrones way too late…

1 session with Elfgren 

Otm 30 min 

1 power snatch 70kg

3 strict pull-up 

5 burpees 

And some stretch


Hang PR

Status: less jet lagged

1 session

Mobility + hang

Managed to hang for 4:15

Talk about pump in the fore arms!

OTM for 40min

1 pc 80kg

3 strict HSPU 

5 wb 

Good work for shoulders and not to hard for the lungs.


Rehab prehab mode

Status: ok

1 session

Did my hanging.

Alittle handstand and eccentric HSPU (went like shit)

5 rounds

12 ring rows

12 toes2rings

Some band pull aparts and bottoms up KB press + some stretch.