September, 2016

Time to start blogging again

Status: good

Currently in Marbella and on Pro fitness camps and having an awesome time.

Feel the need to bitch alittle bit anyway.

The best and most fun Swedish team competition is going down this weekend Torso twisted. 

Here comes the rant….

Using a Sinclair coefficient in the Oly 1rm Event!?!?

Have you lost your minds??

Should a 100kg person do x reps muscle ups less then a  85kgs?

Should lighter people run x meter more then the heavy?

Should longer people row more cals then the short?

Yeah you get the point…

Hopefully this was just a 1 time mistake from the arranger of an great competition.

So my own training?

I should more call it exercising but that’s nothing new. I have been doing that the last couple of years from after the Games until around X-mas and starting training then.

No plans and no goals atm.

Been training alittle bit with Jim Gyllenhammar and I’m sure we can help each other with different aspects of the game and have some fun while doing it.

Today’s training.

Took a dumb bell from the gym and did a little swim WOD by the pool (the manager called Pansar and said that was not allowed)

Session 2 

45min jogging and some intervals in the mountain.

Also pretty red from doing it with out a shirt but what is red will become brown eventually!

Pic of the Coches on pro fitness camps and the CF Marbella crew.