January, 2017

Fun class

Status: ok

1 session at fabriken

Front squat 3 reps up to 150kg my hip was all over the place and stopped there.

Joined in on the 15:30

Death by HPC (cap 15min) at 70kg

Rest 5min

Nasty girls
50 air squat
7 ring MU (strict)
10 HPC

Think I had an avg 4 sec per rep on the last round of Air squat :)

I’ll feel the 155+ reps of HPC tomorrow but I had fun :)


Bloody Sunday

1 session with Elfgren

Did a version of 16.1

Will I ever enjoy a wod again? :)

10min OTM
1. 5 MU
2. 5 Strict ttb

10min OTM
1. 3 Bench press
2. 3 wpu

Pretty high load for my shoulder but it feels ok


Saturday at Atum

Status: ok

1 session with Pantern
Worked up to a HS clean

5 rounds
800m row
25 ohs
25 sdhp

Supposed to be medium intensity but got spicy in the end.


Last Big Friday 

Status: ok

1 session with Jäntan and Elfgren

This was so out of my comfort zone..

Crossfit intervals 

5 rounds 1 min rest between rounds

12 cal row

10 pc 60kg

10 on swings

Rest then 5 rounds 

10 burpee box jump 

10 thrusters 40kg

10 hspu 

Rest then 5 rounds

10 bjo

10 hang power snatch 40kg

10 ohs

I should stick to exercising!

Finished of with

1-10-1 of TTB I go you go on the 3 of us.

Felt like I could control my shoulder blade  for 100 ttb and I guess that’s awesome.

Some lifting

Status: ok

Session 1
Worked up to 150kg squat clean in nanos

Session 2 with jäntan
Team of 2
150 clean and jerks
Add weight every 30 reps


Summing up a few days training

Status: ok

My phone died so have to blog from iPad :/

2 pretty hard sessions

Just some rehab and did a 1:45 one arm hang

20 rm squat at 140kg

40 min upper body OTM
Skierg intervals (15min)
AB intervals (40min)

Motivation is not top but I’m happy to get some decent training done any way.


All the training

Status: ok

Session 1 with Big Swede

Front squat singles up to Fail for both of us :)

Row,run,ski erg and heavy medball between

Session 2

Joined in on solids class

Broadjump 3 attempts
Had one over 280 but couldn’t stand still

Amrap 16
6 ttb
8 burpees
10 wb
12 swings

Conclusion: I’m very out of shape

6×5 strict MU with jäntan

A good training day



Status: ok

Vaccation is over back on job.

1 session with Elfgren

40min otm

10min 5 thrusters

10min 6 pp

10min 5 double KB clean and jerk 

10min 5 KB front squat 


3 sessions with Abdi

Status: ok

Session 1 (strength )

Bs up to 170kg

Snatch 3 reps tng 80kg

10 singles at 80kg

1 rope climb with one arm ( 5m )

Session 2 ( conditioning )

Mikko triangle @ 16 cal

Session 3( acrobatics)

This session was the most fun :)


Strength with Elfgren

Status: ok

At Atum thx for having us

Clean + 2 FS + jerk up to 140kg.

1 power clean at 100kg every 20sec for 13 min.

Front squat 4 x 5 reps at 125k

Bench press 10 reps up to 90kg

Klokov press 3 x 10 reps at 50kg

Elfgren failed the KB challange :)

Fun session.