February, 2017

New week in paradise!

Status: ok

Why the fuck haven’t I moved here earlier???

Lost 4kg in 3 weeks since I came here.

Think is a combination of the stomach and that I’m constantly out and doing something.

Session 1

Legs with Thomas

Tempo BS 3 X 10

Lunges front racked 3 x 20

Bulgarian split squats 3 X 2 X 10

Session 2 with Joy

Split jerk up to 140kg

Session 3 team wod with Joy

Tip of the day:
So if your not gonna qualify to regionals then don’t redo 17.1 and save your back for something fun instead.



Status: ok

1 session

40min amrap

5 pc + 5 stoh at 70kg

20m sled push

150m jog

Ok so I’ve trained 6 days this week and starting feel a little better in my body. Gonna continue single arm/legs exercises with tempo and hopefully get my body moving better.

Next week I hopefully can step up the training a bit.

Spent afternoon hanging at a nice spot with a pool and awesome food.

Tip of the day: Listen to your body.




Big Friday

Status: ok

Session 1

12-11-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3 of

Bench press
Ring row

Session 2

No warm up

3 rounds of 17.1 with a 15kg dumbbell

It’s not much but at least it’s something!

Hanged by the pool and got sunburned.

Went to the beach for the sunset.

Dinner at a Mexican restaurant.

Ate healthy ice cream at Ali’s!

Tip of the day:

Learn how to warm up for a metcon!


I’m alive

Status: ok

Won’t be great until my stomach is back in order.

Got some easy training done 4 days in a row so that’s good.

You can’t really miss that the open starts tomorrow if your on social media can you?

Feels awesome not to be part of it.


Tip of the day:

Don’t go heavy on deadlift when your stomach is bad


New week!

Status: sunburned

Still not feeling perfect..

Had a great weekend.

Session 1 with Kim

10 reps tempo BS up to 100kg

Bulgarian split squats

Press 10 reps at 40kg

OTM 10min

10 Kb swings + 5 burpees

Session 2

Spinning class at Titan

Tip of the day:

Don’t stress your self to madness over the open it just a just a fucking hobby. Try to enjoy your hobby.


Can’t wait any longer

Status: ok

So the stomach isn’t fine and I’ll try to go back to the hospital tomorrow.

No training for almost 2 weeks…

1 session in the sun

200m jog + 1 round DT at 50kg x 7

Joined in on the Jason’s technique class.

Hopefully I feel better tomorrow!


Doktor and spinning

Status: ok

Finally went to the Doktor.
Had to shit in a cup.
Easier then I thought!
They couldn’t see anything on the test but send me home with some more pills and I should go back unless I’m fine in 5 days.

Joined the spinning class but took it easy.

Tip of the day:

Learn to work with grips (hand protection)

You don’t wanna stand at the bottom of the rope on day 5 of competition and cry cos you can’t get up cos your hands are bleeding out of 8 places!


Trying to stay away from training

Status: ok

Feeling a little bit better today.

Went to the swimming pool but it was closed until Monday.

Did some exploring on the scooter and went back to Titan.

7 rounds of

5 pull-ups
5 dips
5 push-ups

And played around with some Greek get ups and some mobility.

Can’t complain really I’m in Thailand :)

Tip of the day:

Don’t avoid the things you suck at!


Alive again

Status: under control

Got fever and stomach cramps and for 24 hours.

No training for 3 days.

If I don’t feel better in a few days I’ll see a doctor.

2 shorter sessions today.

Session 1

Back squat 10 reps 3 set at 100kg

Bulgarian split squats 10/10 x 3

Session 2

pc + jerk x 3 every second min add 5kg


Some oh walking lunges with a 15kg plate

Haven’t felt this weak since I started lifting again and will be interesting to see how I feel tomorrow.

Tip of day could be:

Avoid seafood buffets in Thailand?


Beach club Sunday

Status: good

Rest day.

Brunch at an very expensive beach club.. Kim tricked me here I wound never had joined if I knew what it costed :)

Did a little recovery beach wod with swimming.

Tip of the day: If first you don’t succeed… Try doing what your coach told you to do the first time.