Big Friday!

Status: better

My “poo poo” as the Thai doctor called it was better today for the first time since I came to Thailand.

Gonna cancel the camera up my ass thing.

Session 1

Stoh complex up to 80kg

1 press
2 pp
3 pj
4 split jerk

Back squat up to 180kg

3×3 at 160kg

Session 2 (in the n sun) Tan is Important

4 min bike
2min ttb
4min bike
2 min bar MU
4min bike
2min pistol
4min bike
2min strict pull up

Session 3

3 on 1 off X 6
Shuttle run/ hspu
Bike/ HS walk
Shuttle run/ ring MU

All stolen from the program. Thank you.

Now out for dinner at Ali’s and then Reggae bar!

Next session 09:00 tomorrow.

Tip of the day: don’t rip your hands on your first attempt on 17.3


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