Status: ok

Canceled my doctors appointment tomorrow.

Session 1

Hang snatch up to 102kg.

I don’t even know how many times I’ve started over any more…

I know I would be best off just exercising but I think training is fun again and it would be fun to get in shape once more.


Saw the outlaw video on singles in ctb and thought that would be great for my shoulder.

Plan was to do 9 rounds but I missed the last snatch on 85kg.

Worked on my tan.

Session 2

5 rounds of
50m yoke
50m tire carry
50m farmers carry

10 min amrap
10 strict hspu
8 shuttle run
20 back squat 40kg

5min bike
50 squats 30kg
Rest 2 min
4min bike
40 fs
Rest 2 min
3min bike
30 ohs
Rest 2 min
2min bike
20 ohs

Long day but looking forward to tomorrow.

Tip of the day: eat your vegetables


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