First day on gorilla fitness

Status: ok

Status report.

Still stomach problems.

Shoulder feels under control.

Knees ok.

Hip still feels a little locked.

Hernia ok.

Mobility over all much better after 2 months in paradise.

Session 1 (Strength)

Snatched and overhead squatted on light weight but a lot of sets.

Worked up to a double back squat at 180kg.

Good session but I’ve shouldn’t push my luck in doing heavy squats I guess..

But I got the hernia last time in a split jerk so I think it’s more likely I get it again when my stomach is stretched in a split jerk then with normal core pressure In a squat. But I’m no doctor? So what do I know? Probably more then a Thai Doctor…. and Max haven’t called me back yet.

What’s left of my current crew had apparently better things to then a second session today.

So I just went to the gym and did some arms and prehab.

Back on it 11:00 sharp tomorrow.

Tip of the day: Don’t stress.


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