Shoulder overload

Status: 14 days of flu and still not ok :)

1 session with “Fasanen”

30 minute Stac work

Power clean 5 reps up to 70kg

Push press up to 117kg

Strikt press
10 reps at 60kg
5 reps at 70kg

20 strict HSPU 10cm deficit for “time”

Power snatch up to 75kg

Ac joint feels a little unhappy… Well see how bad it is tomorrow.

Feels like I am never gonna come back :)


Back in training

Status: Not great yet.

30 min Stac program

Hatch squat cycle week 4 day 2

Hbbs up to 8 x 145kg

FS up to 5 x 128kg

Press @ 55kg 10,10,7

KB upside down press

12kg 10 reps 3 set


Session 2

7 rounds

5 strict HSPU
5 wide ring rows
5 hanging leg raises

Good first sessions!


Solid domination!

Status: day 9 of the flu!

Like i predicted. Solid took Roslagen open!

Mäntylä 1a
Elebro tied for 2nd
Felix 6th


Im almost never ever wrong in my predictions.

Im called “Bläckfisken” by some…

So the invitationals then…

Im sorry but i dont think the americans wanna lose twice in a row..

Sorry but USA


Some predictions for Roslagen open

Status: day 6 of the deadly flu

Still alive and I think the worst part is over!

Predictions Roslagen open.

Yes Crossfit Solid will take it this year again :)


Heavy day for the legs

Status: ok

Some work today so 3 shorter sessions.

Session 1 with Lukas

2 min run every 6 min x 6

Keep hart rate below 88%

Session 2

OTM 2 power cleans at 90kg for 10 min

Session 3

Hatch squat cycle week 4 day 1

BS up to 6 reps at 153kg
FS up to 5 reps at 128kg

Felt heavy today :)

Press 3 set at 52,5kg 10 reps

Klokov press 3 set at 40kg 10 reps

Tried some bench but the collarbone didn’t like that today.

Smiding comes up Sunday so ill take a rest day tomorrow :)


I need a hair cut

Status: ok

Calculated the equipment for crossgym challenge today.

I’m sorry if I said its not going to be that hard when I contacted the athletes :)

Session 1

OTM 3 power clean 80kg for 10min

5 x 5 x 160kg deadlift

Session 2 with Helena

OTM for 31 minutes (mobility every second min)

Leg raises
Pull ups

Rest day tomorrow


Lighter Tuesday

Status: ok

1 session

5 rounds with 5kg extra (2 min rest between sets)

3 Bulgarian PU
3 ring 2 chest
5 PU

3 set hanging leg raises

3 rounds

Ski erg
Barbell row

4 set biceps curls

I want to be strong again :)


3 sessions in 1 day!

Status: ok 2 complete rest days with a lot of sleep.

3 sessions sounds a lot more then it was :)

Session 1

Power clean 3 reps up to 80kg

Hatch cycle week 3 day 2

BS up to 8 reps at 145kg
FS up to 5 reps at 105kg

Hand stand practice with focus on form

Press 3 set 10 reps at 50kg

Klokov press 3 set 10 reps at 35kg


Session 2

Metcon 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 of

Toes 2 rings
FLR burpees

Session 3

Row 4 x 1000m rest 4min

Pace 1:45
Strokes 28
Resistance 120

Conclusion 2 rest days was needed. Felt stronger today :)


Sleep and recovery.

Status: Ok

Slept 12 hours.

1 session at Solid

30 min row (Recovery)

Pace 1:59
Strokes 20
Resistance 120

New week and squats tomorrow

Looking forward to it :)


Saturday hang at Solid

Status: Tired

Aronsson went bananas on my left side with dry needleing yesterday! So no training.

1 session at Solid with Mäntylä Lukas Helena Amanda.

10 set rope pullups

5 sets wpu 5 reps 8kg

Some handstand walk

Metcon 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 of

Ski erg (cal)
FLR burpees
Row (cal)

Some hanging