Back in training

Status: Not great yet.

30 min Stac program

Hatch squat cycle week 4 day 2

Hbbs up to 8 x 145kg

FS up to 5 x 128kg

Press @ 55kg 10,10,7

KB upside down press

12kg 10 reps 3 set


Session 2

7 rounds

5 strict HSPU
5 wide ring rows
5 hanging leg raises

Good first sessions!


Solid domination!

Status: day 9 of the flu!

Like i predicted. Solid took Roslagen open!

Mäntylä 1a
Elebro tied for 2nd
Felix 6th


Im almost never ever wrong in my predictions.

Im called “Bläckfisken” by some…

So the invitationals then…

Im sorry but i dont think the americans wanna lose twice in a row..

Sorry but USA


Some predictions for Roslagen open

Status: day 6 of the deadly flu

Still alive and I think the worst part is over!

Predictions Roslagen open.

Yes Crossfit Solid will take it this year again :)


I need a hair cut

Status: ok

Calculated the equipment for crossgym challenge today.

I’m sorry if I said its not going to be that hard when I contacted the athletes :)

Session 1

OTM 3 power clean 80kg for 10min

5 x 5 x 160kg deadlift

Session 2 with Helena

OTM for 31 minutes (mobility every second min)

Leg raises
Pull ups

Rest day tomorrow


Tests over

Status: Tired as fuck :)

Basic athletic tests

Haven’t recovered from the Spanish stomach flu so well still feel weak and drained.. Lost a few kilos as well.

Test 1 max toes 2 rings

Score 80 reps

Test 2 harres test

Score 11,2 sec
( can go under 11 with a cone in the center for sure) but ok

Test 3 max pull-ups

Done pull-ups 1 time in 4 months and that was “Fran” at the Games :)

Score 40… (20 less then before regionals and shoulder didn’t take any damage)

Test 4. 1000m row

Went out in 1:32 pace to be safe

Score 3:05,3

Not too disappointed with bad lactic acid tolerance.

Feels good to go back to normal training tomorrow :)


Lets forget day 3 and finish of in style!

Status: Been better :)

Medic crew say i have some Kind of upper hamstring tear…

Fucking hurts when I try to run…

Shoulder is working but is worse..

That’s what you get entering competition injured and out of shape :)

“Chimp chipper”

Timmy couldn’tdo 2 MU in a row cos of his shoulder injury so we knew we were smoked here

“Worm burpees and squats”

Bad gameplan that killed the 2 guys in the front.. Never seen Andreas so tired! Great job anyway :)

“Worm sprint”

19th Decent

Amazing how the judge standard can be so different from time to time..

Are they afraid to no rep the superstars?

Judging is still crossfits biggest problem if they wanna be a legit sport :)

But they taking care of the athletes very well! Thumbs up for that! :)



Day 2 was a success!

Status: tore my hands and got a stretch in my glute from the deadlift.

“The run”

4th place

Timmy Andreas ran fast! Came in 15th

Helena Stina took 11 places and came in 4th!! Awesome

Me and Carro hold that place!


Here we underperformed.

“Sled push 100 yard”

Our thing! 1st place!


Messy but everybody pulled what they were capable of! Good!

“Sled push 200 yard”

Our thing again! 1st place

Happy that we won 2 events and we won them big :)

Foto Mikael svärd






Kalle 3rd! Jessica 4th!

Status: Ok

Congrats to Kalle and Jessica for impressive performances!!

Enjoy the rest of your stay in LA :)



Now we have to start training again

Status: Ok

Can’t wait for the shoulder to get normal any longer.

Gonna use next week to get my upper body ready for normal Crossfit shit.

Hang clean 1RM

Happy with that! Might be a PR from hang?

20 “Lagomsving” OTM x 5 @32kg
Rest 1 min
Amrap strikt pull-up OTM x 5

3 set DB row

OTM x 20

Even 5 ps 40kg
Odd 10 burpees


How to fix the shitty “Open” in less then a minute!

Status: mabye a little improvement in the shoulder.

Here’s how to do it!

Week 1-4

The normal boring everyone can do it burpee shit and everybody’s happy and HQ will get all the money they want!

Week 5 during the weekend (For the top 200 athletes)

Same as the master qualifier 4 real events that testing broader fitness (best move from HQ ever. Ill give them that :)

Ex 4 event on 3 days lets say

Wanna do them 5 times each as in the open? Up to you :)


And if HQ don’t split Europe in 2 next year it’s probably because they don’t give a shit about the European community :)

( 7 European women top 48 in the world ranking after Regionals I think not 100% sure)