Big Friday!

Status: better

My “poo poo” as the Thai doctor called it was better today for the first time since I came to Thailand.

Gonna cancel the camera up my ass thing.

Session 1

Stoh complex up to 80kg

1 press
2 pp
3 pj
4 split jerk

Back squat up to 180kg

3×3 at 160kg

Session 2 (in the n sun) Tan is Important

4 min bike
2min ttb
4min bike
2 min bar MU
4min bike
2min pistol
4min bike
2min strict pull up

Session 3

3 on 1 off X 6
Shuttle run/ hspu
Bike/ HS walk
Shuttle run/ ring MU

All stolen from the program. Thank you.

Now out for dinner at Ali’s and then Reggae bar!

Next session 09:00 tomorrow.

Tip of the day: don’t rip your hands on your first attempt on 17.3


Active recovery

Status: ok

Felt pretty beat up after 2 days on a “Crossfit program” but felt better after a swimming session.

Got 3 braids on my left side from the massage lady.

Maybe I’m having an early 40 years crisis that I don’t know about yet? But I kinda look cool.

Session 1

Swim for 40 min

10m under water
10m breaststroke

Actually a little bit exited for tomorrow’s sessions haven’t had that feeling for a very long time.

Tip of the day: Don’t rent a scooter if you don’t know how to drive one.



Starting to get a crew

Status: ok

First day with structured training.

Gonna do 1 session around lunch and 1 at 19:00 from now.

Crew of the day: Jamie, Jamie’s girlfriend, Jackie and Alexandra (katten was sick)

Session 1 (weight lifting)

Front squat up to 160kg

Back of set 5×5 with paus

Pc + hang clean + jerk up to 130kg

First time since I came here I felt a little bit strong!

Session 2

200 wallball every 10th rep 10 push-up for the first 100 rep 10 squats the second 100.

40min bike every 3rd min 4 tgu.

Pulled something in my glute during the calisthenics on Saturday…

Can squat fine but burns as fuck in some weird angles.

Tomorrow will be more like active recovery.

Tip of the day: Listen to your body.


What a day

Status: ok

Joined in on the cross training class.

Death by burpees for 20 min :)

Had lunch.

Session 2

400m walk with a 100kg barbell

That was stupid….

Went to the Hospital to see the specialist and he wants to put at camera up my fucking ass next Tuesday if I’m not better by then…

Talked to a German doctor today and she didn’t think that would solve my problem.

I don’t think the Thai doctors have a fucking clue…

Session 3 with cf katten

3 rounds 4 min rest in between

30 wb
30 sdhp 35kg
30 box jump
30 push press 35kg
30 shuttle run
30 push ups
10 squats at 80kg

Never sweat so much in my life I think!

Fun to have katten and Alexandra here.

Tip of the day: never trust a Thai person who want to shove something up your ass!



Status: ok

So I joined Joy and her crew and did 17.2 with them.

Went slow and held that pace :)

Did 4 rounds and a few lunges!

Manage to keep my shoulder I position I think and didn’t feel any problems.

Was fun to see the other guys fight but doing it myself just confirmed my decision of retiring from competition Crossfit :)

Session 2

10 min OTM 5 push presses at 70kg

Ate a lot of food and I’ll see the doctor tomorrow.


Sunday brunch

Status: ok

Rest day

Sunday is the day we go to a fancy resort and eat buffe och chill by the pool.

Think I’ve spent a couple of hours to long in the sun but what’s red will eventually be brown.

I think I might join Joy and James for 17.2 tomorrow haven’t decided yet.

I’ve never done stiff legged deadlift in to biceps curls before…

So we are 2/2 in shittiest form win exercises in the open now.

I’ll pray a small prayer for everyone’s back health before I’ll go to bed tonite.

Tip of the day: Do your mobility work.


Saturday and workshop

Status: ok

Went to a calisthenics work shop.

Was hard but fun!

Session 2 OTM 40min
1. 15 wall balls
2. 15 Kb swings
3. 8 strict hspu
4. 10 ring rows

Went to the hospital for stool and blood tests. They would call me if the saw some abnormal but they didn’t call.

Gonna see a stomach specialist on Tuesday.

Tip of the Day:
If your sick or injured check it up right away. Better be safe then sorry!

Sunday will be all about food, pool and working on the tan :)


Close to weekend!

Status: ok

Yesterday I did the Buddha run…

4K hill run.

Conclusion felt like when I tried to start training again after the pneumonia from Regionals.

Still haven’t felt like I could go hard since before that.. Maybe I burned myself like Elofsson did trying to chase down mulegg?

Bench press comp with Thomas

Stopped at 120 and no shoulder prob.

Took a massage.

Woke up today and it felt like I was 80 years old.

1 session with Jac

10 min OTM

HPC + 3 stoh at 80kg

Tip of the day: everything has its time.


Short sessions

Status: ok

So Saturday I’ll go go back to the hospital for some testing..

2 short sessions yesterday.

Today session 1

3 set db row

3 set barbell row

3 x 10 pull-ups

10 min easy metcon

Session 2

OTM 10 min 3 hang power snatch 60kg

Session 3

Back squat up to 5 reps at 150kg

No strength in the body… Maybe spend to many hours in the sun?

Had 2 banana pancake with ice cream for desert today (it’s ok since I’m -4kg)

Tomorrow I’ll do the big Buddha run.

Yes made a deal and can’t get out of it.

4,5km hill run at 6:30 in the morning!

Tip of the day: Don’t do 17.1 a 3rd time ffs


New week in paradise!

Status: ok

Why the fuck haven’t I moved here earlier???

Lost 4kg in 3 weeks since I came here.

Think is a combination of the stomach and that I’m constantly out and doing something.

Session 1

Legs with Thomas

Tempo BS 3 X 10

Lunges front racked 3 x 20

Bulgarian split squats 3 X 2 X 10

Session 2 with Joy

Split jerk up to 140kg

Session 3 team wod with Joy

Tip of the day:
So if your not gonna qualify to regionals then don’t redo 17.1 and save your back for something fun instead.