Back in training

Status: good

So 2 rest days was nice.

Session 1 (oly)

Clean + 3 FS + jerk up to 130kg

Snatch up to 95kg

Session 2

18 min 30/30 of crossfit stuff


Out of training

Status: not good

This is what happens is you go to the beach and try to be cool

1. Nackspärr

2. Nageltrång

These 2 conditions put me totally out of play.

Nageltrång is the worst!

A suiting end on a shitty year…

Massage, treatment from Patricia and a Chinese Voltaren and I’m ready for the lobster dinner tonite.

Happy new year.


The beach

Status: good

Session 1

Back squat up to 160kg

10 rounds

Farmers walk

Sled push

Went to the beach.

Session 2

Ttp’s Crossfit 


Just another day 

Status: good

Session 1 (oly)

Snatch 3 reps up to 80kg

4 rounds of


Ring row

Back side shoulder

Session 2 (jog)

Strenius set the pace

About 20min

Session 3 (strenius 2nd session and her weights :)

OHS 5 x 5 at 75kg

Clean + 2 FS up to 125kg

Bs to box up to 190kg


Day 9

Status: good

Day 9 turned into to a rest day.

Romwod + massage

And some work on the tan.


I Love pancakes

Status: good

Session 1 (strength + Romwod)

Session 2 ( swimming)


Session 3 ( Crossfit)

Intervals from training plan


Week 2 is on

Status: ok

08:00 jog 20min

11:00 clean and jerk heavy single (125kg)

15:00 swim 500m (25m crawl 25m breast stroke)

19:00 12 days of gymnastics

Alittle to optimistic.. Had no hand protection and gave up after 9 rounds. But didn’t rip my hands!


1st week done

Status: good

Rest day.

Just sleep, eat and a few coffee 


Day 6

Status: good

Thank good it’s rest day tomorrow.

1 session 


Ttp’s 12 days of x-mas

Scaled the weights but did the gymnastic strict.



Status: good

Session 1

Romwod + stretch

Session 2 (swimming)

10 x 50m crawl rest 1:1

200m crawl (PR!)

Not a snatch PR but fun to see some improvement.

Session 3 (gymnastics)

42min OTM

1. 2 Strict MU

2. 10 Back squat (60kg)

3. 4 strict CTB

4. 10 Dips with rubber band

5. 8 Push-ups +

6. Rest