Prove Your Fitness is a site between friends who have a passion for the sport of fitness. In our blogs we hope to inspire others sharing our way of thinking, training and competing.

Lukas #fuckingbringit Högberg is a real CrossFitter at heart. He dedicates his life to training and to reach his big goal. Join his road to the fittest at Pia & Lukas

Pia #tinybutstrong Rydén may be tiny, but don't get fooled by her looks! She is strong and her goal is to be one of the best weightlifters in Sweden. Follow her at Pia & Lukas

Helena #badassmother Falk is a mother of two and has been in several world championships. Latest in the CrossFit Games with Team Tegen and before that in boxing where she was twice bronze medalist in Europe. Follow her at Helena

Rickard #godzilla Lanner is just himself. The Swedish mustasche man has been to the CrossFit Games with Team Tegen and he is definitely one of the strongest guys in CrossFit Europe. Follow him at Lanner