Top 10 ain’t that bad after all.

Status: good but alittle tired.


First event was probably the most stupid event I’ve ever done at the Games..

The event by it self wasn’t that bad but jumping DU on grass?? Wtf? 

Everybody looked like retarads…

And moving all the equipment from zon to zon was a mess..

Big Bob + Run

Came 4th there I think? We like to push stuff but my running wasn’t good enough.

Sprint relay

We can just say that we sprint better with a worm on our shoulders.


We came in on 8th place on Sunday and 10 teams went to the final.

First event was pretty cool!

Some lunging ttb pulling the bob and some HSPU.

Good performance from the team as a team here.

We aren’t any ninjas on HSPU so a 14th place here was good!

Final event

Pegboard and thrusters!

Went ok and we stayed at 8th place overall.

Proud of the team and alittle sorry they had to do some of my work when my contribution wasn’t what it should/could have been.

Wanna thank all of our sponsors who made this trip possible and all the people that have been cheering for us!

I can’t retire with a podium finish but I can with retire with the best finish a Europen team ever had the Crossfit Games and I’m ok with that :)

Optimizer invest


Red bull


Crossfit Solid


Heaven and Hell that’s how we roll!

Status: good

Day 3.

Morning events was alittle under performances I think but not a disaster!

Placement 13th and 14th I think.

With the shape I’m in I think it was good damage control.

Lunch events

Finally after 3 years we did a good worm event! 

Good ropeclimbs gave us a 3rd place!

Event 4 worm sprint.

1:44 min of pain and a 5th place!

So after 3 days we worked us up to a 7th place.

Which is pretty amazing with an unconditioned Godzilla on the Team :)


Recap of the first 2 days

Status: under control 

Lower back abit beaten up from Murph.

18th place after 2 days aren’t really what we hoped for but no injuries and we are happy.

Team murph

The worm squats was horrible!

Kinda sucked that we had to line up at the mass start all the way in the back with about 200 people in front of us with lanes so small that only 2-3 teams could fit in a row for the stretcher carry. Felt like we were in the exercises division in “vasaloppet”…

Crossfit will never be fair and we got unlucky in a 200 point event.

Worked us up to a 19th place.

Event 2 (100 points)

500m swim in pairs of 2

We were put on busses to the beach with no time for warm up when we arrived.

Finished 11th

Tomorrow we’ll have 4 scored events and the start of a brutal weekend.


Sunday restday

Status: Good

Have been training pretty good for being me here in LA.

But I have no slem in my chest and don’t cough anymore so that’s good.

Today we will go to the beach.


Day 4 of training in LA

Status: Good

Session 1 at the track

8 x 400m run

We found a football thing that we pushed over the field :)

Session 2 at Crossfit South Bay 

Deadlift and a dumbbell metcon

Tomorrow we will try to find some weight vest 

Training like a Pro

Status: good

Last night we did a 30min beach run/ocean swim workout. Was nice!


Early session. Long team chipper 

Think I missed 50% on the snatches on 93kg :)

But at least I’m able to do 2 sessions a day.

Session 2

Assult bike in the sun 1on 1off for 20min.

Now I’m gonna go for a late lunch with Lukas and Jonne


LA update

Status: good

Jetlag: not that bad 

Been here 48 hours now and 3 sessions done so far and it’s warm!

Today we did 

5 rounds

800m run

20 KB swings

40 push-ups 

60 air squats

Add a weight west to that and I’ll probably die…

Good hamburgers also!

Wanna thx Henrik Ekdahl and Optimizer invest for sponsoring Team Solid!


Great weekend!

Status: ok

Leksand summer camp was great! Awesome people!

Stayed 2 days at my mom in Borlänge.

Sleept alot and did a session at må bättre.


1 session at solid and 1 session at Sweden barbell club where we played around with some strongman stuff.

2 days left then the guys fly to LA!


On tour

Status: horrible doms in traps.

On our way up to Leksand for Leksand summer camp!

1 session

Played around with fatbar DL

5 rounds

300m true form

20 fatbar front frontracked lunges (50kg)


10 x 45 on 90 off on the rower

Felt alittle better today so there is hope!!


Ok training!

Status: ok

Rest day yesterday due to headache.

Session 1

Weightlifting 101 hpc + pp chipper up to 105kg only

Played around with some hand stand.

Session 2

20min amrap

200m true form run with 15kg sandbag on shoulder

30m sled push

10 hanging leg raises.

Back squat 5 reps up to 150kg

Aronsson used his golden fingers and released some tension in my neck!