Did some training again

Status: alive

Have been training 1 day on 1 day off for the last week and feel ok.

Still can’t push hard in anything but it’s still 30 days to competition.
Session 1

10 rounds

7 pull-ups

7 strict hspu

7 DL at 100kg

Nice and easy took 22min

Session 2 with Fasanen

Every 3rd min x 5

15 cal AB

15 thrusters 30kg

Finisher 2 rounds

25 GHD

1 min hang in the bar


Great camp at Crossfit Highway!

Status: better I think

We held a camp in Linköping this weekend trying to finance the Games trip.

Great box and people!


Session 1 with Simon

20min amrap


Ski erg

Oh lunges

Then 2 rounds

20 ghd

20 back extensions

10 bs 100kg

Lower back destroyed 

Session 2 with Emelie 

Back squat 3 reps up to 140kg

Split jerk 2 reps (pays in dip on the first) up to 120kg

5 x every 4th min

300m run + 10 burpees

Felt like my hart was about to give in :)

Still 2 sessions! Baby steps


Stepping up

Status: ok

BW 93kg.. I need to start eat more.

Session 1

Snatch up to 110kg

C&j up to 110kg

2 set FS at 90kg 10 reps

Session 2

Ring PU + Ring MU

3 x 5min amrap

Box step over


Push press

Happy with 2 session.



A short swim

Status: ok

Nice weather.

300m breaststroke 

Some working on the tan.


Solid qualifier 16.1

Status: ok

Session 1 at Stadion 

3 X 800m jog

800m walk

Session 2

Solid 16.1

Went with 100kg

Did 3 rounds + 7 DL

Score 2800kg

Glad I could do a workout.


2 sessions is better then none 

Status: ok

2 lighter sessions today

Session 1 

Some running mixed with KB

Session 2 

Pc + FS + 2 pj up to 100kg

And some mixed gymnastics 

Picture from when we set and event/world record at the running event.

Would have been fun to do it with the original game plan and no fever :)


Another light session

Status.. Nja…

Took a rest day yesterday cos I didn’t feel like training.

Motivation horribly bad.

Today 1 session

11 rounds

300m row 2:00 pace

12 KB swings 24kg

I’ll guess it will take abit longer to get back to normal training then I thought.

Luckily I’ll have a week in Marbella to look forward to.


Games prep…

Status: ok

1 session

40min otm

1min 5 strict hspu

2min 5 strict pullup

3min 5 legraises

4min 5 BS at 60kg

Fucking ridiculous… 


Back to life

Status: tired and a BW at 92kg!

3 days left on the antibiotics but did some run/jogging in the sun today.

8 x 200m run 200m walk

A Japanese old man asked me if I was a short or long distance runner?


Doctors verdict 

Status: had a rough night.

Went to the doctor and did some tests.

Was surprised that they took it so seriously.

Starting to get Pneumonia on my right lung.

So 10 days with antibiotics and a cough medecin with morphine is what I got.

Should start feeling better in a few days and hopefully start with some easy exercise in a week.

Shit happens but it looks like I’m gonna survive this too!