Last class!

Status: ok

Was forced to do today’s cross training!

25min amrap in 12 days of X-mas style.

I think I ended up last :)

Session 2

Power cleans
Clean pulls
Front squat

So to sum up theses 3 months then..

My shoulder is better!!

A lot of stomach problem.

I’ve got a small hernia.

Strength about the same but conditioning has gone down :)

Overall my body feels better.

Mobility improved.

This experience has been fantastic and thx to everyone who has been a part of it!

Tip of the day: Travel a lot and meet interesting people.


Holding on to the weightlifting

Status: ok

1 session

Muscle snatch + press

Snatch pull

Strict press

Dunno what fucked me up from yesterday if it was the 2 hour weightlifting session or the 12min amrap?


Last week!

Status: ok

Session 1 (gorillas weightlifting)

Was little tired from Friday night still..

Session 2

Did a qualifier with Jamie

12 min amrap
30 DU
15 bjo
12 dl
9 ttb
6 thrusters

Fuck it! I’ll call to see if can get and doctors appointment today as soon as I get to Sweden. Until then my cardio is on hold :)

Tip of the day: there is so much more fun stuff to do then cardio in life.


Ok ok I’m alive!

Status: under control

Saw the baby elephant on my road again today!

I’m down to 1 weightlifting session a day + some random gym

10 more days in Thailand.

Tip of the day: Be nice to people


Good start on the week!

Status: ok

Think my cold is gone!

Session 1 (weight lifting)

Ps + OHS

Snatch to plates

Snatch pulls

Session 2 (missed the BS)

Back squat doubles

Session 3

Lack of equipment so we did a every 4th for 40min

1 round Cindy
20 kb swings
20 wall balls

Tip of the day: Don’t get a haircut in Thailand



Status: ok

The cold feels better.


1h paddle board

15 rounds of

2 strict MU
4 strict hspu
6 pc at 70


No brunch but a day on a speedboat!

Awesome fucking day!

Tip of the day: Use a lot of sunscreen if you gonna be on the ocean 2 days in a row!


3 sessions on a fucking Friday

Status: still have a cold.

Session 1
Power cleans and clean pull

Session 2
3 reps push press

Session 3
5 reps bench press

Tip of the day: don’t judge the book by its cover.


Paradise lost?

Status: alive

So my girls Alex and dev left today :(

Edit: my 3rd girl katten went home a week ago :(

Think I have a cold atm so I’m down to 1 session a day.

I do the strength/ weightlifting on gorilla fitness.

Had to press my hernia back in today..

I hope tomorrow is active recovery!

Tip of the day: appreciate the time when your injury free.


First day on gorilla fitness

Status: ok

Status report.

Still stomach problems.

Shoulder feels under control.

Knees ok.

Hip still feels a little locked.

Hernia ok.

Mobility over all much better after 2 months in paradise.

Session 1 (Strength)

Snatched and overhead squatted on light weight but a lot of sets.

Worked up to a double back squat at 180kg.

Good session but I’ve shouldn’t push my luck in doing heavy squats I guess..

But I got the hernia last time in a split jerk so I think it’s more likely I get it again when my stomach is stretched in a split jerk then with normal core pressure In a squat. But I’m no doctor? So what do I know? Probably more then a Thai Doctor…. and Max haven’t called me back yet.

What’s left of my current crew had apparently better things to then a second session today.

So I just went to the gym and did some arms and prehab.

Back on it 11:00 sharp tomorrow.

Tip of the day: Don’t stress.


First day on gorilla fitness

Status: ok

Session 1 (Strength)

Snatched and overhead squatted on light weight but a lot of sets.

Worked up to a double back squat at 180kg