Last night on the training camp!

Status: ok

Haven’t done much training this week.

Have had alittle bad feeling in the throat in the mornings but I think it’s getting better. 

Luckily the regionals event are pretty easy. I will prepare better for the Games.

Actually miss my team alittle (not much but alittle)

Will be flying up to Madrid on Thursday.

3 glasses of champagne will be the limit for the evening! Maybe 4?


Back in Marbella 

Status: ok

Arrived late last night for a week of coaching at Pro Fitness camps.

1 session

An hour of snatching and finished of with 121kg which is a season best.


A lot of snatching.

Status: ok

Session 1

Snatch 2 reps OTM at 93kg for 10min

Had to do 27 attempts to get the 20 reps.

Became harder then it should.

5-10 min rest

HS up to 115kg with no fails (2 attempts at 120)

Session 2

Event 7 with Fasanen and Mäntality

Went ok.


Regionals day 1

Status: ok

Event 1 went fine

Event 2 went fine


More Regionals stuff

Status: a little back pain.

Session 1 with Fasanen

45 partner DL + 30 burpees

Partner deadlift is retarded…

Last regionals, last Games and now again? Do they want people to hurt their backs?

Test 2

21 thrusters 3 ropeclimbs 

15 thrusters 2 ropeclimbs

Feels like “Fran” but I like that time domain.

Went to InMo for some treatment.

Great guys!


Easy day.

Status: ok

Session 1 at stadion

8 x 400m run/jog 200m walk


Session 2

30 hspu + 20 bar MU

Hit the time I needed the Row/AB will be the pain for me :)

A good day with volume I prefer.

More training

Status: ok

Session 1

Since HQ taken the 1rm (the only joy I have in Crossfit) away from me. I have to adapt.

Session 1 (cardio)

Otm for 10 mins

3 squat snatch at 84kg

Will do a progression out of this.

Session 2

With Fasanen

45 partner DL 

25 burpees

A good first try.


Sunday training.

Status: ok

Session 1

Regionals event 1

Session 2

Regionals event 5

Satisfied and impressed with the teams performance not a surprise tho with Solids rooster this year :)


Good day.

Status: ok

Session 1 at Fitnessgalan 

Power snatch event from regionals.

Session 2 at Solid


21min AB intervals up to 85-90%

Tomorow some more Regionals events


Snatch again..

Status: ok

Team training on sat/sun

Since its snatch for the 3rd year in a row at regionals I did the team version 3 times today.

Since I normally just do a heavy single when I lift this was another cookie.

Since I’ve added DL last week I’ll ad 1 squat session also.

The attempt on 120 on the third wave wasn’t to bad so it’s possible.