Still lighter training

Status: okejish

1 session with Elfgren ( team rio2020)

1 powerclean otm for 15min


7 rounds of 

25m oh carry

25m fr carry

25m farmers carry

10 ring rows

Found a quote I liked today


Small friday

Status: immune system down

Session 1 with bjärkstedt

10 x 10 Dead lifts at 70kg


Session 2

6 strict MU x 2

Hopefully I can train a little harder tomorrow 


Vanheim Wednesday 

Status: ok I guess

1 long session with the Vanheim crew


150 cal AB 

Every 25 cal 4 back squat with paus


Pull-ups, push-ups, hspu, ttb and hs hold!


Back on Solid

Status: ok?

Training feels hard.. Maybe I’m coming down with something?

1 session with Thanger

We did this with 3 min rest between 5 rounders


New week

Status: ok

1 session with dream team at Vanheim.

Played around with strict bar MU


Every 20 sec 1 mu (every other strict as far as you can) for 13min


A chipper that didn’t go so good..


15min of

25m double KB oh carry

25m fr carry

25m farmers carry

Not the best session for my shoulder hope it feels better tomorrow:)


Another week done

Status: ok

1 session with jäntan

5 rounds

800m true form

15m DB x 2 walking lunges

10 db snatch

Had go sleep on the sofa afterwards..

Probably been a little to much training this week for a exerciser :)


Disco friday

Status: ok

1 session with jäntan

6 x 4 strict MU

5 rounds

15 incline db bench press 

12 db row

15 db seated shoulder press

15 back extensions


Double Thursday 

Status: ok

Session 1 with Samuel and jäntan

Team wod…

Insane workout took like 80min?

Wont join in that crazy stuff again..

Session 2 with jäntan

400m trueform I go you go up to 10k

New day tomorrow 

A good Wednesday 

Status: ok

1 session with the Vanheim crew.


2k row

Rest 2 min

100 cal AB

Rest 2 min

2k ski erg

B. 3 set mu swings


Every 5rh min 6 rounds

14 FR lounges 

8 cg pull-ups 

3 ring mu

10 burpee push up +





Status: ok

Row with jäntan

5 x 3min on 3min off

Rest 5min

20min row and every 2nd min 15 sec sprint.

4 set wpu