Status: ok

Left shoulder could be better tho..

Got a yearly subscription from Rom Wod so I started that today and did 2 short sessions!

Great for people who don’t like to stretch (me)

1 session with Elfgren (The exercising plan)


1. 3 strict + 6 kipped HSPU 

2. 2 x 10 sec L-sit

3. 6 strict dips

4. 8 hanging leg raises 

5. 5 strict pull-up + hang the rest of the minute

6. Rest

Finished of with some sots press with a stick.


Maybe mobility works?

Status: ok

Have done 3 sessions in the last 6 days…

Today I did jerk

Up to a  jerk @ 150kg

Over head mobility felt better after 12 days of hanging.


On the 8th day of exercising 

Status: ok

1 session 

20 min bike

20 walking on the true form with and sand bell on the shoulder

20 min bike

Watching Goth on the phone.

1min hang 1min rest x 7


Same same but different 

Status: watched Game of thrones way too late…

1 session with Elfgren 

Otm 30 min 

1 power snatch 70kg

3 strict pull-up 

5 burpees 

And some stretch


Hang PR

Status: less jet lagged

1 session

Mobility + hang

Managed to hang for 4:15

Talk about pump in the fore arms!

OTM for 40min

1 pc 80kg

3 strict HSPU 

5 wb 

Good work for shoulders and not to hard for the lungs.


Rehab prehab mode

Status: ok

1 session

Did my hanging.

Alittle handstand and eccentric HSPU (went like shit)

5 rounds

12 ring rows

12 toes2rings

Some band pull aparts and bottoms up KB press + some stretch.


Easy Sunday

Status: ok

75 min LSD

30min bike

15min ski erg

15min true form

15min AB

Did a 3min hang from the bar.

Gonna try that hanging shit for a month now and see if it’s works?


Day 3 of exercising 

Status: ok

Sleep a lot!

1 session

30min amrap

20 cal AB

10 bent over row 40kg

20 cal row

10 hanging leg raises 

Not super fun but nice to move around alittle.


Home at Solid

Status: jetlaged

1 session

Strict press up to 10 reps on 60kg

Ring row 4 set x 12 reps

30min amrap

20 cal AB

10 hang cleans

8 front squats

6 push press 

@ 30kg

Talk about adrenalin and Competition can bring out more then you think out of your body. This 30 min was horrible and I tried to go very slow.

Feels like my body has shut off after the Competition and moved in to some kind of defense mode.

30-40min stretch

Yes you read right


Back to normal Life

Status: ok

Been home for 30 hours now and spend most of the time in the bed.

1 session at Studenternas IP

Every 4th min x 8 400m run

Gonna be nice to start training again without any stress for some upcoming competition.

I’m gonna try to swim a lot! Feels like good exercising.