Back on Solid ground

Status: ok 

Spent 48 hours in Dalarna.

No training just chilling.

1 session

Back squat 3 x 10 at 90kg

Fr lunge 3 x 20 at 60kg

5min amrap Turkish get up (for quality) 16kg

Session 2 

5k treadmill with jäntan


Today’s team wod

Status: under control again

Joined in with Elfgren on Solid’s team wod today.. He almost killed me.

1 round each (20 rounds in total)

5 stoh

5 L-bur 

10 cal row

Then 20 rounds of

5 pc 

5 FS

5 hspu 

Now on my way to Borlänge to for a day or 2.



Status: ok better sleep.

Started my BS cycle.


Aronsson told me to back of and do single leg stuff for a while and I for once agreed :)

FR lunges 

20 reps x 3 set

Joined Simon for 30min super slow AB

Romwod (today’s)

Session 2

Joined in on Solid’s 17:00 class


Weighted lunges


Did small sets of PU to try control my left shoulder.

Good day after all


Recovery day


Got bored and took a jog to Studenternas IP and jogged 10 laps there.

Got my squat program from Jim today so I’ll start that tomorrow.

Better eat some ice cream so I’m strong tomorrow.


Now I need rest

Status: ok but pain everywhere 

Session 1 with Jim

Started the dead lift cycle.

Up to a 10 rep 

5 rounds 2min rest

20 cal AB

15 bjo 

10 wb

My legs almost exploded.

18min Romwod

Session 2

Joined Gärdsmojäntan for some run/jogging


Much needed rest tomorrow!


New week

Status: ok but tired in the lower back.

Slept 11 hours

1 session 

Worked up to a double hang power snatch at 85kg with Elfgren.

Joined Mäntality for 40min TTP’s AB intervals.

Nice and easy!


I’m going crazy

Status: doms from 150wb and 300 DU yesterday 

Supposed to have a rest day but Jonas swollson was in town so had to go in to Solid for some coffe.

We did some BS.

Worked up to a heavy 180kg (probably a all time low since I started Back in 2010)

Jim will hook me up with s squat and DL program so now I at least have a current 1rm.

Joined Clara for some CF

1min DL 1min hspu

45sec DL 45sec hspu

30sec DL 30sec Hspu

Goal was to move all the time.

Felt probably like if you have a nightmare about “Diane” heavy and slow.

3 set ttb complex 

Otm 20min

1. AB

2. Db snatch

3. Deficit push up

4. Strict MU

Over all a good training week!


On a roll

Status: ok

Saturday and training with Jim.

Jims progg and alot of OTM
10min 10 reps thruster 

Rest 5

10min 6 strict pullups

Rest 5

10min 30 DU

Rest 5

10min 10-8 ttb

Rest 5

10min 15 Wall balls

Now of to watch Tyngre tango 


Good training day!

Status: ok

Session 1 with Elfgren 

15min OTM 

5 strict HSPU + 5 strict pullup

10min OTM

10 pushups + 3 strict ctb

Session 2 with Mäntylä 

Rom wod

3 x 10min crossfit 2min rest between 

Crossfit 2 days in a row.. Probably will be severely fucked up tomorrow!


20min of crossfit!!

Status: ok

Still doms and tired from Mon/Tuesday.

Joined Pantern and robin for a little workout.

20min amrap

4 bar MU

8 hang power snatch 35kg

10m hs walk

10 FR Lunges 35kg

20 cal AB

I was dead last :)