March, 2014

14.5 head 2 head with Elias and Helena

Status: Fine!

14.5 @ Tegen

Helena 11:31 (Great work)

Elias 12:01

Lanner 13:31!! (Epic Redline) :)

Tried to rest in the top in the thrusters…

What the fuck was I thinking with my shitty overhead mobility??

I always tell people never to try new stuff on competition day and I do it myself :)

I hope my shoulders didn’t take any more damage from this fuck up!

Worst thing about this is that Boxpeak has it on film :)


Fun day day in Västerås

Status: left shoulder is problem.

Photoshoot with Crossgym in Västerås last saturday! Fun :)

Today me Helena and Carro gonna do 14.5 at Tegen around 20:00!

This is one shot 1 kill!

I dont have a clue if im gonna split the trusters or do them in a slow pace?

I don’t think I’ll ever done slow thrusters? :)

Im gonna start with a slow pace anyway and when I get really tired half way thru I’m gonna try to hold on to it :)



Photoshoot and 14.5ish

Status: Shoulders are better but I feel like an old golden retriever in my right hip…

Photoshoot with Crossgym tomorrow in Västerås.

Did Solids team wod for metcon 1 with Petra.

5k row then Angie

500m each then switch

Angie 10 reps each

Time 32:24

Metcon 2

14.5 with Front squats instead of thrusters


I’m glad I don’t need a top 50 placement on this on Monday :)


Open 14.5

Status: Rest day and fucked up shoulders…


13.1 with bar facing burpees and STOH?

They can’t leave STOH out and have a workout based on DU?

Oh yes they can! It’s HQ…

I talk a lot of shit about HQ I know.

But 1 good thing about open 2014 is that you weren’t forced to do bounding box jumps this year to be able to qualify to regionals.

A big step in the right direction. Thumbs up!

Shoulder overload

Status: can’t use shoulders…

That’s what I got for doing Crossfit yesterday!

1 session

Front squat heavy tripple


Tough just unracking it!

Back squat 5×5 @120kg

Dead lift 5×5 @110kg

Amazing how fast you lose strength.


4min run
1min rest
4min ski erg
1min rest
4min run
1min rest
4min ski erg

Super excited about a rest day tomorrow :)


Today i tried Crossfit with Björk!

Status: Tired and a little shoulder pain.

Lunch session @ Solid with “Lilla divan”

Since I have no plan at the moment we did some of her programming.

On every 90sec

2 halting clean DL + PC with pause at receive up to 100kg

Other 90 sec

15 ring dips

X 5


50 hspu
40 ttb
30 stoh 72,5kg
30m front rack lunges

Did 2 lunges and said -Never! :)

I fucking hate Crossfit.

Got some mobility tips for my overhead position.

Ill stop by Tegen on my way home for some recovery jog/row


One for the “Team”!!

Status: Ok

One more shot on 14.4 to try to get som reps on the rower for the team.

Same game plan just faster pace from The start.

1400/c/h on rower

Split after clean 9:13

Split after MU 13:24… Thats some slow MU:s :)

Score 215 reps

Give me 2 more weeks and ill be back to normal :)


No glue no gloves no tape 199 reps

Status: OK

Head 2 head with Lukas and Calvin @Solid

Hard to keep up with those guys pace!

Did what I could today and ended up with 199 reps

Pissed about my no rep on MU number 20… I want to see the replay on that but I guess Rickard walen was right :)

Impressive 250 score by Lukas!

Think ill do it again on Monday cos if I get 30 seconds on the rower that’s a lot of points for the team.


14.4 head 2 head with Högberg

Status: Heavy doms from the 100 wod yesterday..

Head 2 head with Lukas 18:00 @ Solid tomorrow!

Epic stupidity!

If you a not at Solid you can watch the horrible replay. (Box Peak will film it)



At last some decent practice!

Status: Better! I see the light in the tunnel

Session 1 with Marcus




100 pu
100 kb swing
100 DU
100 ohs

Time 21:27

Split everything in 10 and tried to keep down the heart rate.

Very happy to be able to finish the workout :)

Session 2 @ Tegen

Recovery, rehab and some adjustments done by Henke (Tegen’s kiropractor)

Awesome job Henke! Thx :)