Tests over

Status: Tired as fuck :)

Basic athletic tests

Haven’t recovered from the Spanish stomach flu so well still feel weak and drained.. Lost a few kilos as well.

Test 1 max toes 2 rings

Score 80 reps

Test 2 harres test

Score 11,2 sec
( can go under 11 with a cone in the center for sure) but ok

Test 3 max pull-ups

Done pull-ups 1 time in 4 months and that was “Fran” at the Games :)

Score 40… (20 less then before regionals and shoulder didn’t take any damage)

Test 4. 1000m row

Went out in 1:32 pace to be safe

Score 3:05,3

Not too disappointed with bad lactic acid tolerance.

Feels good to go back to normal training tomorrow :)


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