November, 2014

Hatlex challenge was a success!!!

Status: Satisfied

Was a little nervous for this weekend since I have a big mouth and I am fast to point out things that suck :)

Congrats to winners and thx to everyone involved!

Special thx to Hatlex and box peak for the scoring system!





Back on track!

Status: Ok

Back on cardio after 4 weeks off.

Session 1

Hatch squat cycle week 7 day 2

Bs up to 4 reps at 166kg

Recalculated my 1 RM to 195kg

FS 5 reps up to 112kg

Session 2 with Paul the rower

4min x 8 rest 90 sec

3 with 22 strokes 1:56

3 with 24 strokes 1:54

2 with 26 strokes 1:52

Finally a good training day :)


Quick session

Status: Stressed

Stac work

Otm 20min

10 min 3 pc at 90kg
5 min macho man at 50kg
5 min 10 DL at 90kg

5 set bench press at 60kg

Some handstand practice


Kika förbi

Great earth fyller år! Energibollar är gott! :)


Squat test

Status: ok

Hatch squat cycle week 7

1 RM


Gonna change up my 1RM for the remaining weeks.

Front squat up to 4 reps at 140kg

10 set Power clean + 3 reps push press at 60kg

Some strict HSPU


Bodybuilding Saturday

Status: ok

1 looooong session at Solid

30min Stac work

Press 5 reps up to 68kg

Klokovpress at 40kg

Bench press at 50kg

French press

Ring rows

Chest 2 ring 5 reps

Nice upper body pump :)


The flu is officially over!

Status: ok

Met a physical therapist today and worked a little bit on the “levator”. gonna see him again on Wednesday!

Training this week sucked :)

1 session at solid today

Hatch week 6

Up to 2 reps at 171kg (95%) felt ok

FS up to 4 reps at 120kg

First metcon for 3 weeks

Every 4th minute x 5

500m row (1:50 pace)
10 flr burpees


New week

Status: still fighting to get rid of the flu.

Session 1

30min Stac work

Hatch week 6

4 set BS up to 6 reps at 144kg

Aborted here…

Session 2

Press 5 reps up to 65kg

KB press at 12kg

Gonna stay in bed all day tomorow :)


Shoulder overload

Status: 14 days of flu and still not ok :)

1 session with “Fasanen”

30 minute Stac work

Power clean 5 reps up to 70kg

Push press up to 117kg

Strikt press
10 reps at 60kg
5 reps at 70kg

20 strict HSPU 10cm deficit for “time”

Power snatch up to 75kg

Ac joint feels a little unhappy… Well see how bad it is tomorrow.

Feels like I am never gonna come back :)