January, 2015

Not the best training but a great stac education

Status: trap and shoulder a little unhappy.

Started the day by overslept..

Stac education fri sat and Sunday! Great

Session 1

Multiple back jerks up to a single at 143kg


More Stac and a motivation lecture for solids competition group.

Session 2

2 on 2 off x 8

Kept it non lactic

C&j burpees row and wallballs

Fiocus on training can wait until Monday.


Snatch Clean and jerk and cardio

Status: better in the man cold

Session 1

I miss my snatch so I do a heavy single twice a week.

Snatch up to 107,5kg

Felt heavy but I hope it was cos it was early.

Multiple clean + jerk

And c&j 120,125,130,135kg

Session 2

Had to scale the metcon cos Aronsson did some dry needleing in my trapz.

15min amrap

15 cal row
10 box jumps
5 biceps curls :)


Check up on the eye

Status: less man cold today!

Went and checked up my eye after the surgery and it was good! Can use contacts again.

1 session

Training plan strength

OTM 10min thrusters 50kg (10kg more then last time)

OTM 10 min OHS ( only did 4 min. Was a little to much for my shoulder today)

Strict HSPU ttb and pu

Hooked up with “mini Godzilla” and “dalmasen” for some conditioning.

7 x 2 min on 1 min off

300m row
12 wallballs
Amrap burpees

Rest day tomorrow and looking forward to Thursday :)


Snatch, mancold and Training Plan

Status: worst morning so far…
I think I’m gonna be very sick tomorrow :(

Did a late little session

Snatch up to 105kg (week 6 of snatching)

3 set amrap strict HSPU in the box


That’s ok for being me.

Did some mailing with the support at Training Plan and decided I officially will follow that program so I can train as much as possible with the other people at solid who follows that program.


Crossfit week 5 in the books

Status: same feeling in the throat in the mornings..

6 active days this week. That’s good

Work all day and a 40 min OTM with Hannes and Nikolaj in The evening.

Ctb ttb snatch c&j DU

Tried to avoid lactat :)

Box competition on Solid tomorrow. Drop by! :)


Cardio sucks

Status: still feeling bad in the mornings.

Session 1

Jerk from neck

Multiple reps up to a single at 130kg

Felt ok for a first jerk session.

4 set Erom strict HSPU

Session 2 with Elebro

30 min 2 on 2 off (freeloading from Training plan)

With DU,row,DL and burpees

At least I didn’t quit :)


Active recovery?

Status: same bad feeling in the mornings…

I’ve added spirulina and chlorella and extra salad to try to fight all the flues and shit.

1 session with Marcus, Ghelu and Amanda

On every second min

6 stoh 52,5
6 ttb
6 Bj over

Add 1 rep every round

After the 14 rep round we lost our boxes to the class that started.

I didn’t mind at all :)


Lighter session

Status: Feels like I have a cold when I wake up but gets better after a few hours.

1 session

Some strict gymnastics

20 min OTM barbell work with 40kg

There’s another day tomorrow :)

Helena Falk started to blog today!


First RX wod since Games :)

Status: up and down feels like I’m about to catch a cold every other day.. Sweden sucks

1 session

Snatch up to a couple of singles at 100kg

Back squat up to 5 reps at 180kg

Erom HSPU 5 reps x 4

Metcon open 14.4

Went slow and tried to stay away from lactic acid.

I did 13 MU ( actually better then expected)

The anxiety level for doing cardio is enormous :)

But a good session.


A better Saturday!

Status: ok

Session 1

40min OTM work

Added 1 rep since last time

Session 2

3 hang power clean at 80kg 5 set

Press up to 87,5kg (did 80kg 4 weeks ago so happy with that)

5-5-5-5+ on 70kg

OTM strict HSPU

Nice with rest tomorrow and looking forward to next week :)