April, 2015

What an awesome week in Marbella!

status: hungry

Had the best week here in Marbella. Awesome people on the camp.

Karl qualified for the games.

Ate a lot of good food.

Got some sun.

Didn’t train that much myself :)

Gonna stay for a few days and started to follow the training plan yesterday.


Gymnastics + running intervals 

Today first session

2 clean + jerk at 129kg

Front squats up to 168kg

Deadlift 5×5 at 168kg

Here’s some pictures to sum up the week.


MK open 2015

status: ok.

Semi final “complex”

I fucked up here… Did the entering weight 100kg. Missed the hang snatch on 110kg 3 times and when I for the last attempt was going to put on 105 I put on 95kg and the time ran out…

Second place here.


Came in with a 6 point lead and had to jump 36 dubble under less then the team in second place in a 10min wod.

We won with a minute!

So a lot of talk about this new scoring system…

Here my view…

I get the spectator friendly aspect and that maybe CrossFit/fitness competitions need to become easier to follow and understand.

But for finding the most overall fittest winner over a weekend with 6-7 different tests its a joke. 

Are we competing for the spectators or to find the most all round fittest?

Good work with arranging a cool competition MK. 



Day 1 MK open

status: ok

Short recap!

5th in the hill sprint! We’ll take that.

Wins in the other 3 events.

Awsome work from the Team

Now hamburgers! :)


Home to Falun 

status: under control 

Rest day today.

Yesterday Gyula gave me massage on my leg problems.

I did the Panther complex up to 110kg.

Some 20/20 intervals on the assault bike.

Haven’t competed since the Games last year so I’m happy to be back again :)


Tried the events for MK open

status: ok

1 session with Hannes 

Did the complex up to 100kg

Did the thruster OTM.. Will be hard the last minute.

Did the deadlift event with a little lighter DL..

Did some sand bag cleans

Did the final..

This team competition is going to go faster then Grid :)


Some good training

status: ok

Session 1

40min intervals

Feels better!

Session 2 (weight lifting)

3 reps Push jerk up to 130kg


Hang clean + jerk + back jerk + ohs up to 130kg

So nice with rest day tomorrow :)


Some team work 

status: ok

Session 1 with Amanda

Regionals Day 3 2014.


50 DL

50 ttb

A lot of grip :)


49 pull-up 

7 OHS 

Nice wod!

Session 2 with Elebro

Snatch complex.

Was kinda hard :)


No cardio and a PR

status: ok

Session 1 gymnastic strength 

Scaled down the sets and avoided the rings :)

I wonder if my shoulder ever will be normal again? 

Session 2 weightlifting 

Multiple cleans + jerks up to 125kg

Front squat 3 RM 170kg and a PR

My hips and thighs aren’t as happy as I am over that PR :)


Easier training

status: ok but shoulder not optimal.

Session 1

Strict gymnastics 


Leg raises 


Split squats

Bench press :)

Session 2

90/90 intervals on assault bike.

Read the program wrong and did 17 minutes extra :)



status: ok

Session 1

A few shorter metcon with gymnastics movement! 

Good to follow a Crossfit program or I wouldn’t do these exercisers a lot.

Session 2

Snatches at 110kg

And backsquat..

Still having pain and probs with my legs.