November, 2015

Back in Marbella!

status: good

Morning flight to Malaga.

Picked up a rental car.

Went to the awesome apartment.

Session 1 with Henrik and Lukas.

They snatched and squated.

I row 5k @1:58 in the sun

OTM for 10min

1 min 10 strict HSPU 

2min 10 strict pull-up 

400m waiters walk 24kg KB

Picked up some healthy food :)

Now we gonna watch insurgent.


Long days!

status: Little better in the rib.

Fitness festivalen for a few hours.

Work shop for the volunteers from solid open.

Session 1

OTM for 42min

Erom HSPU 

Pull up

Back extensions

Arnold press

Dumbbell row

Kb box step up


Session 2

6on 2off x 6

Assult bike


At 160 heart rate.

Rest tomorrow and Marbella on Monday :)


Fitness festivalen


Worked all day with Back on Track.

1 evening session

Assult bike intervals for 30min.


Back after a complete rest day.

status: same.

Session 1

Was harder then I thought :)

Session 2 

60 min at 145 heart rate

10min run

10min Assult bike

X 3

Guess this is how my training will look like til the rib is good.

Nothing exiting but doing the work.

Doing what i can

status: no better with the rib.


Session 1

30min row @2:08

Session 2 with Fasanen

42min OTM strict work


Session 1


2 dl @160


7 barbell row

50 sec waiters walk

10 lunges 60kg

7 hangin leg raises 


X 7

Session 2

30min Assult bike at avg 143 heart rate.


Let’s talk a little about Regionals/Games.

status: same rib pain.

I’m just gonna talk a little about Crossfit Solid here or I will probably piss to many people of :)


Winners of the meridian regionals last year.

5th at the Crossfit Games last year.

This is just me thinking out loud.

The roster/ available people.

Some interesting facts.

Ladies first.

We have the top 2 Swedish girls from the open last year. 

We have the Swedish champion in weightlifting -63 division the fun thing is that the other 2 girls lift even more :)

Strong girls but also probably by far the most well rounded trio with muscle up/ctb and HSPU. 

The guys.

3 guys qualified for Regionals last year.

1 made it to the Crossfit games individually.

We have guys to put 2 teams top 5 on regionals.

Solids top 3 men would even beat Nor Cal and Mayhem’s guys I think when elements like running, swimming and Big Bob pushing comes to play. 

If they take big bob away is it because Castro fear us :)

Solids absolutely strongest card is that they can field a 6 person team without any holes! Except 1 girl who sucks at double unders :) but that won’t be tested at the Games anyway and that’s what is needed to see a European team on the podium on the Crossfit Games.
 what will 2016 look like for Solid?Nobody knows yet..

Stay tuned.


Hospital closed

status: ok

The pain in the rib was higher today so I thought I’ll get an x-Ray anyway. 

But since I’m in Borlänge the hospital is apparently closed on Sunday :)

Had 2 nice rest days and are ready for some cardio tomorrow


Training around the rib

status: same

Session 1 with Smiding

5reps heavy strict press

Up to 77,5kg

OTM x 7 rounds

1. Strict hspu 4reps 10cm rom

2. DB row

3. Push press 10 reps 40kg

4. Strict pull up 8 reps

5. L-sit 20-25 sec

6. Rest

Good session thinking of the rib.

Session 2 with Lukas 

45min Assult bike @ avg 145 heart rate.

Feels good to focus on quality training and the rib thing might even be a good thing in the long run with a couple of lighter weeks!


Lighter session with Fasanen.

status: probably a small rib fracture.

1 session with coach Smiding 

60min at 140 hart rate on



Assult bike

Not so painful.

It’s always good with deload :) 


Godzilla’s CF record

status: my rib feels busted. 

Did some light breast stroke swimming yesterday.

Tried to remember all my CF competitions yesterday and came up with this.

Godzilla’s Record
Season 2010
x-mas ind 1st
Season 2011 (Achilles rupture)
CF “SM” ind DNF
Season 2012
European Regionals ind 24th

MK open ind 1st

Frontline team 2nd
Season 2013 (patella fracture/knee surgery)
Roslagen open ind 1st
Season 2014 (shoulder injury)
MK open ind 4th

European Regionals Team 2nd

Crossfit Games Team 14th
Season 2015
MK open Team 1st

Meridian Regional Team 1st

Crossfit Games Team 5th

Solid Open master 1st

Istanbul Throwdown master 2nd

Nordic Showdown online master 1st

Greek Throwdown master 1st