December, 2015

The beach

status: sunburned

Spent a few hours at the beach playing around.

1 session

3rm erom HSPU about 37cm

Beat Marcus Herou at his own game here :)

Muscle snatch 3rm at 75kg

Klokov press 3rm 65kg

OTM 20min

Dumbbell snatch

Hanging leg raises 

Handstand walk

Shuttle run

Happy new year!


Heavy clean

status: good

Think I’ve defeated the cold.

Session 1

Sots press fr up to 65kg

Mobility is much easier down here.

BS up to 170kg

Lunges up to 100kg.

Slept for 2 hours

Session 2

Clean + jerk with paus in bottom of squat and jerk dip up to 130. Missed jerk on 35,40…

I will never jerk well.

2x15min team amrap with Marcus.

A lot of KB.

Tomorrow me and Ghelu will hold a New Years wod!



status: ok but not good yet.

Session 1 (shoulders)

5×5 HSPU

5×5 press behind neck

5×10 one hand dumbbell press

Went to the 25m pool and did some swimming.

Session 2

BS up to 180kg

5k row at 1:58

A good day after all


I feel better!

status: ok

Session 1

Hang snatch 2reps

Failed the second rep on the higher weights..

Metcon Classic Crossfit for 20min

Took it easy cos of the cold.

Session 2

Squat every day up to 180kg

6 singles DL at 170kg

I feel better then last night so I think it’s going in the right direction!


Had to pass on 12 days of Herou 

status: throat and elbow not super.

Session 1

Bs up to 180kg

5 k row at 2:00

Session 2

20 min jog and a banana pancake with ice cream .

Complete rest day tomorrow so nice!


Backed down to 1 session.

status: ok

Had the AC on for 1 night and feeling something in throat.

Evening session

Press 5×5 at 70kg

Bs singles up to 180kg

Deadlift 5 singles at 180kg

Ginger tea and coconut post workout.


I’m doing Crossfit again!

status: good

Session 1 with the gorillas


6 ropeclimbs buyin 

5 rounds

2 power clean 100kg

4 ring MU

3 rounds

10 thrusters

10 pull-ups 

I’m not used to go to painful place :)

Session 2

Christmas team wod in pairs of 2

40min amrap rpe 7 

 1 lap obstacle course

20 deadlift

10 tire flips

40m oh carry.

My elbows feels tired of all the climbing and Crossfit :)

Recocery day!

status: good

1 session

40 min

Sled push 30m

5 tire flips

150m jog

30m oh carry

Sweaty! And probably to high heart rate :)

Tomorrow 2 sessions again!


Beach pumping

status: ok

Late metcon always make sleep horrible.. Woke up in the middle of the night dehydrated and with stiff traps and headache. Took a double treo and woke up 05:00 and went to breakfast 07:00.

Canceled the morning session.

Mid day session

Erom kipped HSPU on plates and Dumbbells 5-6 sets

OTM 20min

5trict pull-ups and 5 strict ring dips.

Heart rate 150-160 last 5min.

I’ll make sure to drink better from now on.


Session 2 with gorillas

status: good

Evening session

Snatch + 2 floating snatch

Up to 90kg ok for jetlag and heatstroke.

10min amrap

4 mu

30 du

10 wb

Rest 4

8min amrap 

6stoh 70kg

6 l-bur


Rest 4

4 bjo 80cm

40 pc 70kg

8 ttb