January, 2016

Big saturday!

Status: ok

Session 1

Clean and jerk

Up to 145kg 

Happy with that! 

Session 2 

Joined Mäntylä for some rowing with no warmup.

4 x 4min on 2min off @1:44

Session 3

Did athlete games semi final.

9min amrap

81 DU

18 ttb

9m hs walk

443 reps

Not to disappointed cos I hate DU.

A very good week overall!

And the rest day tomorrow is the best day :)



Status: ok

Press up to a fail at 90kg

OHS up to  140kg and didn’t want to push my shoulder further.

Continued with back jerk but it turned in to a fail fest.

30 strict hspu for time.

2:12 (about the same as I did on regionals last year)

Not so bad after all considering the phase I’m in and how much time I have left for the next competition!


1 super long session

Status: ok

Power clean + split jerk up to 143kg

Death by c&j 70kg

1+1, 2+2 up to 10+10

13m hs walk + 4 mu x 6

1 arm rope climbs

12 x 90/30 on row and ski erg

Need a lot of food now



Status: ok 

Did a 5k support with Lukas today.

18:14 about 45 sec off my PR but it was hard anyway.

Session 2 with Smiding and Mia 

60min ot2m ala Smidingfitness


Leg raises


Back extensions

Shoulder taps


Gonna rest tomorrow 


Did a PR today

Status: ok

1 session with the usual crew 

Handstand hold 1:20 sek PR

PR’s don’t come often these days so you have to happy about them.

20 reps DL at 150kg

6 set 2 reps Back squat at 145kg

25min otm strict gymnastics

Haven’t tried the human flag for a couple of years but got it for about of 6 sec :)


Will Lukas Högberg go TEAM 2016?

status: ok
Alot of people are asking the question?
The team competition is getting tougher for every year that goes.
The affiliate cup is no longer a affiliate cup but rather a super team cup.
People moving around all over the U.S. Create the best possible teams.
The winners of 2014 (Invictus) used their individuals from regionals to field the best possible team at the Games 2015. 
Don’t really know what happened but they finished outside the top 10.
Even in Sweden a lot of people changing boxes to have a chance making it.
Some unsuccessful teams even recruiting outside the Swedish borders to ensure another failure won’t happen again.  
So the answer the answer to the topic question?

Crossfit Solid will field the strongest available  team in every phase to be able to take down the super teams  at the Games.

In other words if Mäntylä and Högberg dont quallify to the Games individually Solid can field an even stronger Team then last year.
Follow Teamcrossfitsolid journey at Instagram!




Friday vs Godzilla 1-0

status: ok

Long day.


12min amrap 

Rest 3 min

7min amrap

Rest 3 min

7min amrap

Ala simonplan

Session 2

Session 2

1on 1off row for 20min

If someone can row its sthlmsfredrik!


Long day but 1 session

status: ok

Session 1

Pc + pp up to 125kg

10min every 30sec 1pc+1pp at 110kg

40min otm

1. 3 ps 80-90kg

2. 5 paralett hspu

3. Leg raise 10

4. 10 dl at 90kg

5. Rest

Good session 


1000m swim

status: ok

1 session

1000m breaststroke with Lukas.