May, 2016

Doctors verdict 

Status: had a rough night.

Went to the doctor and did some tests.

Was surprised that they took it so seriously.

Starting to get Pneumonia on my right lung.

So 10 days with antibiotics and a cough medecin with morphine is what I got.

Should start feeling better in a few days and hopefully start with some easy exercise in a week.

Shit happens but it looks like I’m gonna survive this too!


The nightmare in Madrid is over!

Status: alive but will see a doctor when I’m back in Sweden.

Don’t know where to start..

It’s been a rough weekend for the team.

I came up to Madrid with a sore throat we had the option to use Felix instead of me but we decided to gamble with me and we’re hoping I wouldn’t get any worse..

But I did..

Woke up 04:00 the night to Saturday with cramps and had to put all clothes I had on and 2 blankets to stop shaking.

We contacted doctors and all of them suggested we should withdraw  from the competition.

But we were able to get the fever down with paracetamol and checked my hartrate and body temperature before every event!

We had to change a lot of game plans to get me thru the events.

So we decided right before every event if we would continue or not.

Saturday was worst with the running and Deadlift event.

I knew I could handle the volume on Sunday.

6 months of training almost went down the drain this weekend.

You got to stay humble and realise that 1 minor injury can put a whole team out.

I won’t go to the after party but are pretty happy anyway to have qualified for the games 3 years in a row now! 

I think we learned a lot from this experience.

Big thx to all the people that supported us and our sponsors!

And to the team and our coach Sthlmsfredrick with all that they helped me with.

Time to get well and get ready for Carson 


Day 1 Done.

Status: not good

Over all a good team performance.

A lot of food water and sleep and hopefully I’m not worse tomorrow.

I’ll even try to pray to the Crossfit God.

No I won’t but really hope I can perform OK tomorrow. 


Last night on the training camp!

Status: ok

Haven’t done much training this week.

Have had alittle bad feeling in the throat in the mornings but I think it’s getting better. 

Luckily the regionals event are pretty easy. I will prepare better for the Games.

Actually miss my team alittle (not much but alittle)

Will be flying up to Madrid on Thursday.

3 glasses of champagne will be the limit for the evening! Maybe 4?


Back in Marbella 

Status: ok

Arrived late last night for a week of coaching at Pro Fitness camps.

1 session

An hour of snatching and finished of with 121kg which is a season best.


A lot of snatching.

Status: ok

Session 1

Snatch 2 reps OTM at 93kg for 10min

Had to do 27 attempts to get the 20 reps.

Became harder then it should.

5-10 min rest

HS up to 115kg with no fails (2 attempts at 120)

Session 2

Event 7 with Fasanen and Mäntality

Went ok.


Regionals day 1

Status: ok

Event 1 went fine

Event 2 went fine


More Regionals stuff

Status: a little back pain.

Session 1 with Fasanen

45 partner DL + 30 burpees

Partner deadlift is retarded…

Last regionals, last Games and now again? Do they want people to hurt their backs?

Test 2

21 thrusters 3 ropeclimbs 

15 thrusters 2 ropeclimbs

Feels like “Fran” but I like that time domain.

Went to InMo for some treatment.

Great guys!


Easy day.

Status: ok

Session 1 at stadion

8 x 400m run/jog 200m walk


Session 2

30 hspu + 20 bar MU

Hit the time I needed the Row/AB will be the pain for me :)

A good day with volume I prefer.

More training

Status: ok

Session 1

Since HQ taken the 1rm (the only joy I have in Crossfit) away from me. I have to adapt.

Session 1 (cardio)

Otm for 10 mins

3 squat snatch at 84kg

Will do a progression out of this.

Session 2

With Fasanen

45 partner DL 

25 burpees

A good first try.