What doesn’t kill you make you harder.

Status: ok

Been training good since a had a little side stepp Friday night but I’m back in shape now.


So I think I’ve got a small stomach hernia…

Did a split jerk and felt a stretch in the stomach with a small bump that hurt.

Pushed it back in and did the metcon with a 100 ttb so i dont think its that bad..


did some OHS up to 110kg and was ok.

Still waiting for my Swedish medical support team to call me back aka Max Grönholdt.

Probably have to wait with surgery until I get back to Sweden in May cos of the risk of resistant hospital bakteria or some shit.. What do I know?

Sunday 1 session classic gym session

Back and shoulders

New week tomorrow guess I won’t go super heavy on the squat cycle at least.

Tip of the day: Quit while you are ahead


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