What doesn’t kill you make you harder.

Status: ok

Been training good since a had a little side stepp Friday night but I’m back in shape now.


So I think I’ve got a small stomach hernia…

Did a split jerk and felt a stretch in the stomach with a small bump that hurt.

Pushed it back in and did the metcon with a 100 ttb so i dont think its that bad..


did some OHS up to 110kg and was ok.

Still waiting for my Swedish medical support team to call me back aka Max Grönholdt.

Probably have to wait with surgery until I get back to Sweden in May cos of the risk of resistant hospital bakteria or some shit.. What do I know?

Sunday 1 session classic gym session

Back and shoulders

New week tomorrow guess I won’t go super heavy on the squat cycle at least.

Tip of the day: Quit while you are ahead


Time flies

Status: ok

Don’t remember what I did yesterday.


Session 1

8 min amrap At 40kg
8 c&j
8 thrusters
8 stoh

Find pc + pj (130kg)

30 reps c&j at 90kg (1 rep every 15 sec)

Session 2

42min OTM
Kb clean
Pull up
Push-up +

Tip of the day: Try to learn from your mistakes ( for that you also need to remember them)



Status: ok

Thursday 40min swim


OTM for 5min

1 round of 17.5

Hopefully I get 2 sessions in tomorrow.

Tip of the day: leave your ego at the door somewhere there’s a high school girl warming up with your PR.


Needed rest tomorrow

Status: ok

Body is hurting.



2 reps HPC up to 120kg

Back jerk + split jerk up to 130kg

Did something with my shoulder blade back here :/

Got massage.

Session 2

40min slow boring bike workout.

Today session 1

Front squat 2 reps up to 140kg

Session 2

10-1 of Deadlift at 100kg with 100m shuttle run in between.

6min amrap X 2

3-6-9 osv of

Burpee ctb

Swimming and cinema tomorrow will be great.

Tip of the day: try to be humble.


Week 3 of training

Status: ok

Slept a lot yesterday.

Session 1

Bs find heavy 5 reps

Both knees told me to stop at 140kg.

Snatch + 3 ohs

Up to 100kg (felt ok)

Session 2

4 rounds (warm up)

2min bike
21 push ups

4 rounds

50 double unders
25 wall ball

Pushed my self pretty hard on that one.

5 rounds (slow pace)

5 strict pull-up
10 strict ttb
15 air squat

Tip of the day: if you see a small elephant don’t tell anyone.


Weekend time!


Had a dip in the motivation yesterday so Joined in the assault course class and had fun.

Today session 1

3 reps BS up to 180kg

10min OTM 1 power snatch at 80kg

10 min OTM 2 clean and jerk at 100kg

Session 2

Beat Jackie in basketball.

5 rounds “Helen”

Good week overall but thank god it’s rest day and buffe tomorrow :)

Tip of the day: take massage once a week.


Recovery day

Status: ok

30-40min crawl and underwater swim.

Yesterday was

Session 1 weight lifting

Session 2 birthday chipper

39 wb
39 kb swings
39 bj
39 sit-up
39 lunges
39 burpees
39 lunges
39 sit up
39 bj
39 kb swings
39 wb

Ate so much ribs that I almost threw up.

Tip of the day: Don’t give a fuck about people who talks shit.


Hard Tuesday!

Status: ok

Session 1

10-1 of
Power snatch
Hang snatch

Took 37min so had no energy for the wod :)

We did 45 min conditioning instead

5 min treadmill
5 min bike
5min row
X 3

Session 2

10-1 of
Power clean
Push jerk

4 rounds of core

Gonna try to sleep early tonite so I feel stronger tomorrow.

Tip of the day: Try to see your training long term everything doesn’t have to happen right now.



Status: ok

Canceled my doctors appointment tomorrow.

Session 1

Hang snatch up to 102kg.

I don’t even know how many times I’ve started over any more…

I know I would be best off just exercising but I think training is fun again and it would be fun to get in shape once more.


Saw the outlaw video on singles in ctb and thought that would be great for my shoulder.

Plan was to do 9 rounds but I missed the last snatch on 85kg.

Worked on my tan.

Session 2

5 rounds of
50m yoke
50m tire carry
50m farmers carry

10 min amrap
10 strict hspu
8 shuttle run
20 back squat 40kg

5min bike
50 squats 30kg
Rest 2 min
4min bike
40 fs
Rest 2 min
3min bike
30 ohs
Rest 2 min
2min bike
20 ohs

Long day but looking forward to tomorrow.

Tip of the day: eat your vegetables



Status: ok

Session 1

A 35 min barbel and gymnastic metcon.

Session 2

Deadlift 5 reps up to 160kg

5 rounds of 15 reps
Push up
Sit up
Back extensions

Thank god the training week is over!

Went for massage and had to go to sleep after that.

Checked out the night market.

Tomorrow I’ll sleep in and go pool/brunch.

Tip of the day: Enjoy your rest days