3 sessions with Abdi

Status: ok

Session 1 (strength )

Bs up to 170kg

Snatch 3 reps tng 80kg

10 singles at 80kg

1 rope climb with one arm ( 5m )

Session 2 ( conditioning )

Mikko triangle @ 16 cal

Session 3( acrobatics)

This session was the most fun :)


Strength with Elfgren

Status: ok

At Atum thx for having us

Clean + 2 FS + jerk up to 140kg.

1 power clean at 100kg every 20sec for 13 min.

Front squat 4 x 5 reps at 125k

Bench press 10 reps up to 90kg

Klokov press 3 x 10 reps at 50kg

Elfgren failed the KB challange :)

Fun session.


Back on Solid

Status: ok

Straight from the train with no warmup into.

Team wod with Elfgren vs Jäntan and Mäntylä.

1 run the other cleans

150 trueform 

100 squat cleans 

5min rest

Then 5 rounds each of

10 cal AB

10 push press 

Rest 5

10min ( 1 round each)

2-4-6 osv of

KB swing


Session 2

Back squat up to 2 reps at 180kg

Press 10 reps 4 set at 50kg


Back in Sweden 

Status: good

1 session with Emma at 360

45-60 min 3D training 

Worked up to a heavy 

Clean + 3 FS at 140kg


Finally a solid PR

Status: good

Yesterday I ate 5 banana pancake with ice cream (PR)

Today session 1


150m jog

2 ring row

2 KB swing 

2 hspu

4,6,8,10 osv

+ some over head carry

Session 2

Ttp’s OTM work 3 x 8min


The rain is coming

Status: good

I’m really slacking with the training lately.

1 session

Back squat 3 reps up to 170kg

5 rounds of

Clean + 3 FS (80,90,100,110,120kg)

Bench press 60kg

Inverted row with hold 5 reps

Row 1on 1off for 30min

Gonna rain the last couple of days but who cares about a sun tan anyway? 


Recovery day

Status: good

Session 1

Aborted here and did romwod in the sun instead.

Session 2

500m easy swimming 

Got treatment from the canadian again and my neck feels better.


Sun burned

Status: good

Body feels a bit beat up but I think it’s adjusting to the treatment I’ve got.

Have a new appointment tomorrow.

2 days in a row I have woken up in the morning without any pain in my back!

Can’t remember when that happened the last time?

Session 1

3 reps power clean up to 120kg

3 reps hang power snatch up to 85kg

Some sun and pool time.

Session 2

20 on 40 off x 10min x 3 set

1. Squat clean

2. Hspu

Rest 5min

1. Dead lift

2. Push-up +

Rest 5

1. Push press

2. Ring row


1 week left

Status: ok

Rest day.

Got treatment from a canadian therapist today and gonna go back on Friday again.

Got a haircut.


Leg day

Status: good

Note to self: You cant eat pancakes with icecream every day without getting fat.

Session 1 (strength)

Circle of

Back squat (finished of with 20 reps on 120)



Then another circle of


Ring row

Snatch DL

Dips ( did 5 dips with no support from rubberband)

Session 2 (CF from ttp modified )

10 min amrap

Powersnatch 1,2,3,4 osv

80m shuttle run

Rest 8min

10 min amrap

Oh lunges 10,12,14 osv

80m shuttle run

Amrap = slow pace no lactic and with best posible form.